#DoorsOfIndia: Tata Pravesh seamlessly blends content and influencer marketing in this visually stunning digital campaign

6 explorers embark on a journey of 30,000 kms across 46 cities to capture the timeless stories behind the best doors of India

Tata Pravesh DoorsofIndia

Always open a door, they say. You never know what surprise awaits you on the other side. Some doors lead you to bliss, some are plain enchanting, some when opened start new conversations in your life, while some doors help seal your personal space. Often mute spectators alongside a wall, doors have stories of their own; if ever one of them were to tell its story, that would be a fascinating one to listen to.

In the hustle and bustle of our city lives, we seldom stop to stand and stare at the gateways that have been instrumental in building the city. Their grandeur and significance lost in history, we are mere passersby ignorant of the stories they wish to tell us. But, this is being heeded to by a bunch of travel enthusiasts; they are going the length and breadth of our country to bring us enriching stories of doors.

India Gate, the iconic doorway in Delhi is associated with a beautiful story, one that is painful as well as capable of inducing pride in our nation. Swati Saxena, a travel buff who has grown up in many Indian cities, not only explains the history about the gate in this video but also the city it holds entrance to.

Swati has covered many other door stories in Delhi, Alwar, Govardhan, Orchha and Lucknow. The Bala Quila in Alwar, Rajasthan, the Rumi Darwaza, popularly known as the Turkish Gate in Lucknow and others, throw light on some fascinating facts. Rumi Darwaza, for instance, is not just a splendid piece of Mughal architecture inspired by a Roman gateway, it was also a part of famine relief operations in 1784.

Swati is part of an army of travel bloggers whose aim is to discover the stories behind the best doors of India; she has covered a distance of approximately 1300 kms in her assigned route. Amrita Das, a freelance travel writer and a professional travel blogger, is covering East with the cities Kolkata, Joypur, ShantiNiketan, Sribati, Amadubi and more on her route.

Das, in this video, takes the viewer through the intricately carved storytelling wooden doors of Shantiniketan, and also features the artist who shares the rich history behind them.

Divyakshi Gupta, a travel storyteller who clicks architecture has a keen passion for doors. She is bringing us door stories from south east, especially the rich history of temple doors. Divyakshi is also the lead curator.

Travel blogger Kaushal Karkhanis is covering south west with cities like Pune, Bijapur, Margao, Panjim, Mysore and more. Shubham Mansingka, travel blogger and writer is taking care of north covering Amritsar, Rampur, Panchkula and more. Presently, the journey of India’s door stories is headed west, with travel photographer Vinayak Grover capturing the beautiful doors in Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Ramgarh and Fatehpur.

All the door stories are being collated on a playlist at the brand’s YouTube channel. Together they will be covering 30,000 kms across 46 Indian cities.

These 6 explorers form the pillars of ‘Doors of India’, a visually stunning and content-rich digital campaign by Pravesh from Tata Steel. The new product line from Tata Steel, ‘Pravesh’ brings steel doors with a wood grain finish, following an extensive study with homemakers who wanted the strength of steel and the beauty of wood for their doors.

The category of doors is largely un-branded and poised a huge business potential for Tata Steel, and the brand sought to own the space of ‘branded doors.’

Tata Pravesh partnered with J. Walter Thompson Kolkata and Hungama Digital Services driven with the aim ‘to position Pravesh as a leader in the newly created category of ‘branded doors’ and reach out to the huge target audience in a friendly but ‘ice-breaking’ way.’

Sharing extensively about the ideation of #DoorsOfIndia, Surojit Sen, AVP & CSD – Digital, J Walter Thompson Kolkata said that the insight stemmed from observing their own lives and lifestyles.

“While we had conversations around many aspects of home: namely, paints for interiors and exteriors, furnishing for interiors, furniture for interiors, cabinets for utilities and such, the doorway from each room to the next, the entry point of welcoming guests, the closed point for internal/private talks inside rooms happens to be the door and we just don’t speak about doors at all.

However, when we looked back at all these aspects, we found that every door in the house: front and internal are witness to so many incidents (good and bad) in our lives. And therefore, the insight of ‘every door has a story’ was born and we found it engaging, relatable and somehow, everyone agreed that it’s the universal truth. So, we decided to create something that would bring the ‘door’ back into the conversations across India.”

“The insight of ‘every door has a story’ was born and we found it engaging, relatable and somehow, everyone agreed that it’s the universal truth.”

The communication objective became ‘let everyone start looking at doors and then let them start talking about it. The team chose to talk about the two key aspects of ’strength’ and ’beauty’ of some of the prominent doors of India and tell stories about little/lesser known facts about the same. “Incidentally, Pravesh doors carry this unique blend of these two attributes: strength and beauty, so, it was a unique yet natural fit between the campaign and product attributes.”

Doors of India has a dedicated microsite where one can track the journey of the explorers, or travel across on a virtual map of India to discover interesting stories of doors, their history and the culture that shaped around it. The Doors, the Gallery sections provide for a visual journey too, click anywhere to see pictures of beautiful doors and its stories.

One can also upload their own door stories. The microsite provides connecting via Facebook login or email ID.

The six explorers were chosen after a thorough selection process. Sen revealed that they were selected on the basis of their affinity for doors and not for being just any travel bloggers. “These explorers are also specific zone experts and knew the areas where we would cover the doors. This also helped in unearthing the best story without a language barrier,” he added.

The on-road journey of these explorers was brought alive on digital almost in real time. Content was created on the go by the on-ground crew led by the influencer. “The crew travels around a pre-defined journey and curates the video story of each door in a beautiful way and the same is pushed on Pravesh’s social media within 24 hours along with a blog making it one of the most unique, almost real-time, way of sharing the content.”

“The most unique part about this campaign is the creation of videos on-the go by the on-ground crew led by the influencer.”

A lot of prior groundwork ensured smooth operations during the on road journey. “The strategy involved a segmentation of regions in India, the route plan was devised keeping in mind the kind of doors we would be able to find with a good story to tell with the same. The regions also activated the dealers in the area and a meet was organized to promote the initiative.”

For continued digital engagement throughout the journey, apart from providing digital audiences the ability to track the journey in real time, the team also used FB live, 360 degree images and blogs. The brand’s social media assets as well as the six explorers’ social media pages have ensured #DoorsOfIndia keeps us intrigued and fascinated, in spite of our busy, fast-paced digital scrolling lives.

Alongside content creation in real-time and distribution on digital and social media channels, a media plan was devised to ensure the communication reached the right audience at the right time. The media campaign divided into 6 phases based on the journey, helped reaching out to the TG through programmatic ads, contextual behavior targeting, as well as monitoring and optimizing campaign on time.

Content marketing campaigns as extensive as this one call for ROI. Sharing numbers, Carlton D’Silva – CEO & CCO, Hungama Digital Services. said that the campaign has already seen a reach of 4.4 million on digital platforms with engagement of over 1 million on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign videos have received 1.3 million views with 87% of the views garnered from social platforms. The overall impressions have touched 6.1 million.

“With just half the journey complete, I believe these numbers will more than triple when we reach the end of the journey,” he added confidently.

D’Silva believes this campaign is a first example in India of such a perfect integration of brand and product using content and influencers. “The seamless blend of the curated content with the overall agenda of Pravesh to make ‘Branded Doors’ as a category a talking point, will set the benchmark in successful content marketing campaign.”

Visually-stunning. Content-rich. Influencer-driven

Doors of India does indeed bring a smooth blend of content and influencer marketing, for a maker of aesthetically appealing doors in a market that is largely un-branded. Getting on board travel bloggers and photographers on a unique journey of the discovery of the best doors of India, is in itself a fascinating start on digital. With real-time content creation, distribution and user participation, the digital campaign has sparked a conversation around doors.

The brand’s social media channels are a treat to the eyes; with every content piece, be it an image, video or a blog, #DoorsOfIndia has certainly helped it build awareness and perception as a ‘brand that knows its doors’. Unearthing the lesser known stories behind these beautiful doors, adds to its memorability quotient.

For Tata Pravesh, #DoorsOfIndia has opened the doors of relevant digital marketing armed with the right mix of objective, content and influencers.