Tata Motors Celebrates Awesomeness For The New Nano

A review of Tata Nano 'Celebrate Awesomeness' campaign on social media where the emphasis is on spreading the awesomeness of achievement, while equating it with a Nano


Nano, India’s smallest and most affordable car developed by the country’s largest auto maker, Tata Motors, is out with a bunch of upgrades and a whole new campaign emphasizing on celebrating awesomeness with the new Nano. The new campaign targeting the youth focuses on the young generation’s penchant for being awesome at what they do. Consequently, it has designed a range of promotional activities on social media.

The TVC celebrating awesomeness features young achievers like designer Masaba Gupta, magician Ugesh Sarcar and actress Sarah Jane Dias among a bunch of others, where a story weaves all of them in a riot of colours, and brings them together with the new range of Nanos. All throughout, it carries a fast number celebrating the awesomeness in you, almost making the film like a complete music album.

The video has received 1.5 million views as of now, which is only going to soar with the social media promotions designed around it.

Celebrating awesomeness on social media

The campaign has been extended onto social media as well, with every bit of message playing around with ‘awesomeness’. Prior to releasing the ad film, the 90-second music piece was shared as the ‘Sound of Awesomeness’; one could listen or download the spirited number as a soundcloud piece on the Tata Nano website. Additionally, the audio file was also made available for mobiles, tablets and music players on the website. The sound of awesomeness also played on radio, as well as on popular music streaming websites like Dhingana and Saavn.

A Facebook app on the Tata Nano page featuring the ‘Sound of awesomeness’ was then shared to spread the word. Fans were asked to invite their friends through the app and help them discover the sound of awesomeness. The app had the provision to send the link via an SMS or as a Facebook message to their friends.


This was followed by short teaser videos shared on the Facebook wall with the hashtag #AwesomenessAwaits. The much awaited video was finally shared on the 29th of July, bringing in more than 16K likes, 2.7K shares and 700+ comments from the 3.8 million Facebook fan base.

Post unveiling the new Nano and the awesomeness ad video, the page then shared a ‘Quest for awesomeness’ contest hosted on a Facebook app. The 5-day contest asked 3 questions daily based on the new TVC and needed one to answer all three questions correctly to make points. Apart from a daily winner, there was also a grand prize winner with the highest points at the end of the contest.

Simultaneously, the automaker has also leveraged the 140-character social network with the most reach. A promoted trend #NanoAwesomeness has been doing the rounds on Twitter, inviting one to participate in the Twitter contest. The contest that will run till the 10th of August will have 3 questions every day to test your Nano IQ!

How ‘awesome’ is it?

A fast number that drills ‘awesomeness’ in you and tells you that ‘you are awesome’ is bound to stay with you, especially if you’re young. Spreading the awesomeness of achievement while equating it with a Nano, makes for positive branding too. Besides, having real life young achievers rather than celebrities will also appeal to the youth along with the fast number. And prices starting from Rs. 1.5 lakhs adding to the bright young colours, makes it an ideal buy for a student or a young professional.

The social media activities targeting this group are also in synch with their interests. Creating the initial buzz by spreading the music through all channels frequented by them, launching teasers, incentives for sharing with friends, contests around the new features and the emphasis on ‘awesomeness’ does manage to create a decent recall for the new Tata Nano.

The real challenge, however, is getting them to test drive it. The ‘Celebrate awesomeness’ campaign can do more to encourage the target group to test drive; perhaps it can do so by giving away lucky incentives.

Nevertheless, it does the job and pretty well too. Do share your thoughts on the awesomeness campaign.