Tata Nano 2012 Engaging on Facebook

An article reviewing the Facebook presence of Tata Nano 2012, kushyion ki chabbi with an emphasis on regular contests and apps to create engagement

Tata Nano, the world’s most affordable car seems to have made a big comeback this year. With the new Nano 2012 being launched this year, we can see the brand make every effort to keep us informed and excited. A reflection of this can be seen in the vibrant Facebook page with a strong community base of 4,00,000 plus fans, the lively wall, monthly story contests and now the cool app to celebrate Holi, the festival of colours. Tata Motors has recently launched the Nano 2012 Rang Barse app, which I found simple and fun.

Nano 2012 Rang Barse
Nano 2012 Rang Barse App

First you select your Facebook friends, then the colour you want to splash them with and finally the method to colour them - hands, balloons or pichkari. It’s that simple! What I loved about this app is that the colours to splash are the same as the colours available in the newly launched Nano 2012. The app has been designed well and did ask me for access permissions before I could enter. I deliberately allowed it to post updates on my behalf as I wanted to know whether it would show me the content before posting on my behalf.  However, it did not do so. Would have given it full marks had the app displayed the content prior to posting, which is as per the Facebook guidelines for apps.

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”] If a user grants you a publishing permission, you must still obtain consent from the user before taking any action on the user’s behalf, such as publishing content or creating an event.[/pullquote]

Another thing that caught my attention was the Story of the month tab. Story-telling by brands is always an interesting concept. Every month there is a ‘Story of the Month’ contest with a theme. This month the themes are: The day I bought my Nano, What I love most about my Nano and Anything is possible with my Nano. You could share your Nano story on any one of the themes and the best three entries will win Nano scale models, pen drives, t-shirts and more. However, I found a little glitch here.

Tata Nano diaries Story of the month contest
Tata Nano diaries Story of the month contest

Though it says that you have to log on to Nano Diaries and submit your entry, it does not give a link to the same. When I searched for Nano Diaries, I found the topmost entry in Google to be a personal blog by someone sharing their journey on a Tata Nano!  A few entries below was the official Tata Nano blog link. You can search for blog entries under various story tags or recent stories. You need to create a login before you can submit your story.

The blog has real stories of Nano users with pictures. The stories revolved around Himalayan expeditions to conquering the highest motor-able road in the world in a Tata Nano and a story of a teacher advising future Nano buyers. I loved the concept of Nano diaries as it sits perfectly well with the Tata Nano positioning as a ‘People’s Car’. It would be a delight to know about other brands doing a similar thing when most of the auto makers are active on social media. If it was Maruti Swift launching it’s new model on Facebook exclusively for it’s fans last year then Tata Nano which is positioned as the common mans dream car has done well with Nano Diaries.

Excluding the glitches, the brand engagement on Facebook is a decent one though it could do wonders with a little polishing. What do you say?