Tata Housing Announces Winners For The Delhi Wallbook

Real Estate brand, Tata Housing has just announced the winners for the recently concluded ‘Delhi Wallbook 2013' on the Delhi Wallbook Facebook page


Real Estate brand, Tata Housing that is into building premium and luxury projects in the country, has just announced the winners for the recently concluded ‘Delhi Wallbook 2013, of its annual Wallbook series’.  The Delhi Wallbook was the second chapter in the Wallbook series after it was held in Mumbai last year. Themed  ‘Design the Change’, the Delhi Wallbook invited citizens to express themselves through art  and depict a Delhi of their dreams, on a one-km-long stretch of wall outside Delhi University.

As per AFAQS, the Delhi Wallbook saw nearly 500 participants that included students, activists and painters. The event had been promoted extensively through various mediums that also included social media. Participants were encouraged to register through a Facebook application form on the Delhi Wallbook Facebook page.

Delhi Wallbook 1st winner

One can see a visual snapshot of the entire event on the Facebook wall of the Delhi Wallbook as well as see pictures uploaded in the Tata Housing Facebook album. The annual event has leveraged social media extensively with the social networks of Tata Housing sharing regular updates before, during and after the event.

The 87K strong Facebook fan base at Tata Housing has been driven to the Delhi Wallbook Facebook page through the registration app, which now boasts of 700+ fans. Twitter has not been left behind. The Tata Housing Twitter page with 600+ followers is constantly sharing updates about the Delhi Wallbook. The tweets have been shared along with live pictures from the event, making the information complete in itself.

It is good to see brands leveraging social media to reach out through citizen-powered initiatives, and even more when brands are targeting the active online community. Beginning this year, Tata Housing had employed social media to spread the word about the ‘New Age Charkha‘, a 12-foot charkha inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and made out of scrap material. The brand created an exclusive Facebook app to spread the message that industrial waste should be minimized for a greener and sustainable tomorrow.

Definitely, Tata Housing with it’s creative campaigns, is creating a name to reckon also on social media within the housing sector.