Tata Docomo Invites Fans To #OpenUp And Unmask Their Virtual Lives

Tata Docomo India’s leading telecom brand with nearly 13.5 million fans, has built an app called ‘Open up’ that will unravel a fan's Facebook life and help them explore

What does a brand do when it has more than 13 million fans on Facebook? It strives to keep them engaged and involved all the time. Tata Docomo, one of India’s leading telecom brand with nearly 13.5 million fans, has built an application that will throw light on their lives, more specifically their Facebook lives through ‘Open up’.

The application will help unmask the virtual you and share it with the world by digging deep into your Facebook profile and finding out who are your best friends, which were your most amazing moments, which are the friends you have lost touch with and more!

Open up to unmask

‘Open up’ is hosted on a portal where you need to login with your Facebook id and sit back to let it do its thing. I logged in through Prasant’s id to unravel a little more about his virtual life.


The left pane gives you personal details like birthday, relationship status, etc. while the app opens up information from the kind of content you have shared and liked on Facebook. ‘My top open up/capture moments’ gives a list of 5 of your most liked pictures shared on Facebook. ‘Words I am open to” throws up a word cloud with the words you use most often in your Facebook communication. ‘My open up message’, as the name suggests, is a list of the top 5 status messages in terms of number of likes received.

‘Time I am most open’ is a line graph plotting the time zones in which you are most active on Facebook. ‘My best buds’, as the name suggests, gives a visual display of three kinds of Facebook friends – best friends, frequent talkers and good pals. ‘My long lost friends’ are Facebook friends you lost touch with over time. Lastly, there is ‘Things I am open to’ which gives a list of the things you are most open to in the world of music, movies, books and television.

The app also enables you to share these facts on Facebook and tag your friends.

Extensively promoted on the telco’s Facebook and Twitter pages, Unmask seems to be the new toy for its online community. Fans and followers are being invited through interesting visual updates, informing them what the app ‘Open up’ can reveal about their Facebook friends and life.

Connecting and engaging with the youth

With ‘Open up’, Tata Docomo has managed to give its fans a good reason to keep visiting them. In a country with the third largest Facebook population of which a majority is the youth, giving fans a tool that would help them gain insights on their Facebook profile is no doubt a cool idea. Besides, it will also help keep them engaged!

Although an interesting application, the concept isn’t new on Facebook. Microsoft had done a similar one in June, for the promotions of Internet Explorer 10. The technology giant had developed Shovel, an extensive Facebook application that dug deep into your social life and unveiled some very interesting insights in the form of neat infographics. From knowing who is your farthest friend in terms of kilometers, who is your youngest friend, your oldest friend, and the friends who like tagging you the most, you could also know the number of photos you have uploaded and the top 5 most liked of them, along with all the things you get tagged for on Facebook!

It is tough to keep a large fan base engaged but applications like ‘Open up’ do help. Do try it to unmask your Facebook life and let us know.