Tata Docomo Invites Fans To Complete Stories On Social Media

About Tata Docomo's Complete the story contest that is designed to increase its community on Facebook as well as Twitter

Tata Docomo, the telecom brand that believes in ‘do the new’ has launched a contest on social media, where an incomplete story is displayed in a video and participants have to give it a creative ending to win smartphones by HTC.

Tata Docomo, the brand with the largest community on Facebook with more than 8 million fans, has launched a story completion contest on Facebook. The one-week campaign features an incomplete story in a video every day and invites users to complete the story. Five lucky winners based on creativity and uniqueness will win an HTC Desire VC daily. The complete stories will be out on National television and YouTube after the contest is over on the 23rd.

About the story completion contest

The contest ‘Hate incomplete stories? Complete this one’ has been designed on a Facebook app. It requires a participant to join the Tata Docomo community on Facebook and Twitter. Which means that you need to like the Facebook page and follow the Twitter account before you can participate.

Once you click the Facebook app ‘Complete the story’ to participate in the contest, you can watch a short video with an incomplete story. The video for the day is an exciting one where a man with a knife is seen entering the office walking through the corridors. The scene displays the noise signal the moment he opens a door and users are asked to complete the story.

Do read the Terms & Conditions before you proceed to participate in the contest. There is an option to connect through your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you are connected, complete the story in the text box provided under ‘Tell us what happens next’ and click submit. If you are using Twitter, use the hashtag #completethestory in your tweet.

Below the app, you can see a list of entries by users and the F share button beside each entry. You can share the stories with your friends through the Facebook share feature.

How cool is the contest?

Complete the story is always an exciting contest to participate in and having a new story every day is even better. And the fact that you just have to add a creative ending and not write another 200 words adds to the excite quotient. Apart from being exciting, the contest also gels with the objective to promote the HTC smartphone. Though I am particularly impressed with the design and execution.

The app is well-designed and provides for a memorable user experience. The mode of judgement is not based on votes but on creativity, thus leaving out any possibility for bias. However, featuring the entries could have been improved upon. The entries are being displayed in a series and one is not able to differentiate which entry belongs to which video!

The choice of Facebook as well as Twitter to participate increases the scope of participation. This is probably the first time a brand has created a contest keeping in mind its community on Facebook and also Twitter.

‘Complete the story’ is more than a ‘like’ campaign. As the contest is open exclusively for fans only, this will ensure growth in the Facebook community. Also the Twitter account will have more followers as it is mandatory to follow the Twitter handle. But then again these numbers would mean only numbers and nothing else if not kept engaged. Nevertheless, it is a good practise to earn relevant fans and then be able to keep them engaged.

Ending thoughts

In a nutshell, I believe the brand has started this simple creative contest ‘Complete the story’ in an attempt to buy fans by giving away smartphones. And I am seeing more and more brands doing this with their Facebook and Twitter campaigns and sometimes achieving fan targets for both platforms with a single campaign.

Recently, Reliance had activated a 5-day/5-cities online campaign ‘Tweet-a-Tab‘ that was similar to a treasure hunt, employing a combination of Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps. On the outset, it was a beautiful, well-integrated campaign but in my opinion a very clever one; one that was weaved to soar up its community on Facebook as well as Twitter. Participants had to follow the brand on Facebook as well as Twitter to be eligible.

If one goes by Facebook fan base as a measure of social media success, Tata Docomo is the reigning market leader. But it seems to gain only more followers and little else with ‘Complete the story’. Or is there more to this campaign that will be revealed with the completed stories on TV? What do you think?