Tata Coffee Grand’s Badass Granny All Set To Disrupt Coffee Advertising

No promises, no preaching, only demanding. A saree-clad hip-hopper bling bling Granny is the new face and voice of Tata Coffee Grand promotions

Tata Coffee Grand granny

Granny is sassy, granny is dapper, granny is that coffee-sipping badass rapper. Wrapped in yards of a silk saree over shiny gold shoes and overloaded with bling, she doles out tons of attitude and hip-hop swing. Fed up with the average coffee you sip, Granny is here to give you a life-changing tip. ‘Wake up and smell the coffee,’ she raps, ‘Stop it I say,’ she hip-hops away, ‘start with Tata Coffee Grand today!’

Meet Granny, the cool new brand ambassador of Tata Coffee Grand. The world’s second largest tea company, Tata Global Beverages wants to make it grand in coffee too. With coffee beans sourced from its own plantations in South India for the new Tata Coffee Grand, what better than a South Indian rapper granny to endorse it.

Tata Global Beverages has rolled out a campaign for the launch of its Tata Coffee Grand, seeking to connect better with the millennial generation. At the core is Granny and she is seen rapping away through videos, visuals, memes, to tell us about the new aromatic coffee.

The new TVC conceptualized by Mullen Lintas sees granny at her hip-hop best. Taking on a gang of young people, she convincingly raps about how Tata Coffee Grand is ‘coffee, the way it should be’.

Apart from a South-Indian accented Hindi, she also raps in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada for other commercials.

Social and digital is being leveraged with witty content. Hip-hop granny is doling out some bold rap wisdom on social media channels. The coffee brand’s Twitter stream is one hell of a commentary from granny; she is absolutely unapologetic in her frank views on the day’s big news. Be it cricket matches with neighboring countries, the budget fiasco, politics, celebrity court cases or the much called out Indian infrastructure problems, Granny tweets it just as it should be. Remember, ‘Coffee, as it should be!’

Stop it I say! Strangely enough there are a few 30-second spots on the brand’s YouTube channel, where granny is missing. A much younger woman in a wig and a saree and some hip-hop bling is seen dishing out some serious advice to folks who’ve been sipping on average coffee all their lives. She arrives just on time when someone is about to have their coffee. #StopItISay has a series of 3 videos, one of which features this actress about to have her black coffee at the set.

Interestingly, a 360 degree YouTube video marked the launch of the campaign, the video brought alive a 360 degree view of the company’s coffee plantations to the virtual audience.

Unconventional. Disruptive. Risky

Coffee advertising has been turned on its head. Unlike the regular old talk of the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans and how one sip of the divine beverage leaves you rejuvenated, Tata Coffee Grand’s debut with a saree-clad hip-hopper granny is bound to get many eyes rolling. It’s a different treatment altogether, one that will earn brand recall and also define the brand as a millennial-oriented one. The sassy Granny’s commentary on current affairs is bold, frank and reflective of Gen Y.

The one concern, however, that’s prodding me every now and then, is the likelihood that this series of wacky content starring a South Indian coffee sipping uber-cool Granny might not go down well with a few folks. They’d prefer (or almost demand) that Tata Coffee Grand that sounds like a premium coffee brand, also invest in premium advertisements. The dislikes on the video and some stray comments on social media also suggest the same.

Grand may be taking a grand risk, but nothing of worth is built without a risk. As Granny would put it, ‘risky, as it should be’ is the way to woo millennials today.