Tata Capital’s #HalfStories Discovers Koshish School In Mumbai

Tata Capital's #HalfStories has found Koshish school In Mumbai that trains deaf and mute kids to find their voice. Donation of 2 cameras can give a happy ending

Half Stories by financial group Tata Capital braves on. The brand’s journey of doing right, a journey of finding everyday stories of courage and scripting them with a happy ending, has been given a new direction in Mumbai. Ever since Pankaj Trivedi, the do righter driving this initiative met with an accident in Varanasi, he has been recuperating in Mumbai. That, however, did not stop him from finding new half stories.

The next half story has been discovered at Koshish, a school that trains deaf and mute kids to find their voice. ENT Dr. Ajay Kothari (also the school’s trustee) and the teachers here try to enable the kids to speak through different methods like graph method, lip reading, and touching the throat to figure out the vowel sounds. Through lip reading, some kids can understand conversations even while they are on different floors.

While they are learning the art of conversation through these methods, the do righter team thought of giving them another platform to express themselves. Two students– Shahin & Chetan were given a basic training in photography. After 3 days of being trained on lighting, composition, aperture, the two managed to capture Mumbai in a completely new light.

Finding a new way to express ourselves is always exciting. So it was for the kids at Koshish who have just loved clicking pictures ever since. This has given rise to the idea of donating cameras to the school. As they say, ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ the cameras might help them speak their mind, and with time, some of the kids might carve a career out of it. This could probably enable the school to include photography in their vocational training.

So, 2 cameras costing Rs. 31,500/- would script a happy ending to this Half Story. You can help by contributing an amount at the Do right website or by sharing the below story with your friends and family on social media.

The Do Right website and its social networks are spreading the buzz too. The Do Right Facebook page with its 308K strong fan base is sporting a brand new cover photo on the Koshish half story, besides sharing pictures on its Mumbai journey. Additionally, wall updates have been sharing amazing pictures from the recent Kala Ghoda Arts festival in Mumbai. Similar content has been shared on the Do Right Twitter page too. One can follow the journey on Twitter by following #HalfStories.

The amount collected so far is Rs. 3020/- with 78 hours to go for the remaining amount. Do help spread the word and give a new voice of expression to the kids at Koshish.