Tata Capital Takes The Journey Of Doing Right Forward With #HalfStories On Social Media

Introducing Tata Capital's 'Half Stories' initiative, an extension of its Do Right campaign, where people from remote corners of India will be helped through social media


A brand can speak a lot more through its actions than its words. Do you remember the ‘Do right’ initiative by Tata Capital launched in June this year? It’s powerful signature song ‘Karein Wahi Jo Ho Sahi’ penned by the legendary poet Gulzar with music composition by the musical trio – Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, had set the stage towards a new beginning with the right actions.

Rooted in the brand philosophy ‘We do only what’s right for you’, Do Right encouraged parents to instill the right values in their children to build a better future for our country. The campaign took off on an excellent start on social media with scholarships for children on its Facebook page and more. Launching the second phase of its ‘Do Right’ initiative, Tata Capital, the financial services arm of The Tata Group, has launched ‘The Journey of Doing Right – Half Stories’, an action-oriented initiative in partnership with United Way of Mumbai, a global NGO.

The Journey of Doing Right – Half Stories

The goal of ‘Half Stories’ is to identify unique stories of courage, perseverance and determination from some of the remotest parts of the country, highlight the little challenges faced by the individuals/communities living there and then let citizens like us step in and support their needs, effectively scripting a happy end to their stories – through social media platforms. You can either donate or share about the initiative with your social networks.

Here’s a beautiful and touching video that you cannot help but share:


The 2000 km journey to find the first ‘Half Story’ has begun from Dharamshala, the remote hill station in Himachal Pradesh and will continue all the way to Guwahati, the largest city in Assam while it completes stories with happy endings.

Be a part of the journey on social

The journey can be experienced on the Do Right website and also through its Facebook and Twitter pages, as the Tata Capital Do Right team will identify simple, everyday stories of people and share these via photographs and videos.

Half Stories is a beautiful campaign by Tata Capital that leverages the collective power of people through social media. Building a platform to do right and joining hands with the community to co-contribute towards doing right, only strengthens the spirit behind the brand’s promise – ‘We only do what’s right for you”.

Stay tuned as we bring you the first half story of a member of the Gaddi community in Dharamshala, and watch out how you can help him in scripting a happy ending.