Tata Capital Shares First Half Story Of Aatmaram, A Nomadic Gaddi From Dharamshala

Half Stories, the second phase of Tata Capital's 'Do Right' initiative has unveiled its first story of Atmaram from Gaddi tribe. One can donate or share to help complete his story


Tata Capital has launched the second phase of its ‘Do right’ initiative, where the brand walks the talk by doing right. The Tata Capital Do Right team has embarked on ‘The journey of doing right’, together with its community of ‘Do righters’ to find ‘Half Stories’ from the remotest corners of our country and complete them with happy endings.

The team identifies simple, everyday stories of people and shares these via photographs and videos on the Do Right website and social media platforms. The journey to find the first ‘Half Story’ has begun from Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh and the story is of Atmaram, a member of the Gaddi tribe.

Half Stories 1 – an uphill task for the Gaddis

Atmaram half story

Dharamshala, the remote hill station in Himachal Pradesh is home to the Gaddi tribe, a nomadic community of shepherds which are one of the sub-continent’s most enigmatic anthropological groups. Inhabiting one of the most inhospitable geographies in the world, the Gaddi’s zealously guard their heritage and ethnic identity. It has been said, that if the Gaddis abandon shepherding, they would lose their status as a free, proud people.

Aatmaram is a member of this famed tribe. As the land dries up in summer, Aatmaram and his fellow shepherds move up higher in search of greener pastures, sometimes hiking up over 15,000 feet. Along the way, they face a constant threat of their sheep getting stolen or attacked by wild animals. The sheep being their very livelihood, a loss like that would set them back severely.

Thus, while not just fighting the climate for his own survival, Aatmaram struggles to protect this flock, the main source of his livelihood. Here’s the ‘do righter’ team with Aatmaram:

How social media can help?

Aatmaram needs to protect his flock and himself. All he needs to preserve his traditional way of living are – a tent to keep him warm and protect the little lambs, 2 solar lights to drive away wild animals and 2 sleeping bags, for him and his helper. This survival kit costing Rs 11,500, can help give his story a happy ending. You can choose to donate or share this story on your social networks.

Apart from a centralised website, one can also follow the Tata Capital Facebook and Twitter pages to stay updated on the half stories. The response through social media seems to be working as Atmaram’s story has already collected Rs. 231. Besides, the brand has cool ways to thank you for sharing. Here’s a postcard I received for sharing about the initiative on my Twitter timeline.

do right postcard

People often want to do right but don’t know how to go about doing it. By giving these half-stories a voice, Tata Capital has built a platform where people can make a difference. Thus, whether it is by donating or by simply sharing these stories with their social networks, one can help complete these stories with happy endings.

Half Stories reflects upon the brand’s promise of ‘We only do what’s right for you”. Reaching out through social media and building a platform for doing right speaks more through actions. Stay tuned as we bring you more half stories as the team continues along its journey of doing right all the way to Guwahati in Assam.