Tata Capital Finds Another Half Story At Himalayan Buddhist Culture School In Batahar Bihal

Tata Capital's next half story is at Himalayan Buddhist Culture School in Batahar Bihal, 10,000 ft above sea level. The school has only 5 heaters for 15 classrooms and needs 10 more to keep warm


Tata Capital’s Do Right journey continued to Manali following a successful run at Dharamshala where with the help of social media shares, the initiative was able to help Aatmaram, a nomadic Gaddi to protect himself and his flock of sheep with a survival kit costing Rs. 11,500. From Dharamshala, the Do Righters team moved on to Batahar Bihal, another cold and remote part of Himachal Pradesh to discover the next Half Story.

With Half Stories, the Do Righters team identify everyday stories of courage and survival from the remotest corners of our country and complete them with happy endings with the help of social media.

Half Stories – Share the warmth with Batahar Bihal

The team has identified the next Half Story at the Himalayan Buddhist Culture School in Batahar Bihal which is approximately 15 kms away from Manali. The boarding school has little kids from far-off places like Zanskar, Spiti, Lahaul, Leh and Pangi, because the educational facilities there are not upto the mark. The parents and children hike for over four days to reach this school.

Tata Capital Half Story Batahar Bihal

The boarding school has a beautiful history. Principal Palki Thakur set it up with an initial contribution from a Llama and continued with the help of funds from various sources. Founded in the year 1997 with only 36 students, this school now houses 272 students.

Though the children love the school, winters are very challenging. At an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level, the biting cold makes it fiercely difficult for the children to study. In a short while, winter will set in, and the mountains surrounding the school will be covered in more than 3 feet of snow. To keep themselves warm, they ditch their benches and desks and bask in the sunlight outside their classroom. The school does have heaters but out of the 15 classrooms, only 5 have heaters.

All they need are 10 heaters for the remaining classrooms, which costs Rs. 16,000. You can contribute money or help spread the word by sharing the below video with your friends to help raise this amount.

Apart from the Do Right website, one can also follow the Do Right initiative on its Facebook and Twitter pages to stay updated on the half stories. The Facebook page which has more than 200K fans has updated its cover photo with the children’s half story and the wall is sharing the journey with the help of interesting visuals. Browsing through the wall, you can see the team’s own Do righter Pankaj Trivedi having a good time with the children. Here’s a photo of children sitting outside in the sun:

By building a platform to do right and joining hands with the community to co-contribute towards doing right, Tata Capital has strengthened its brand’s promise – ‘We only do what’s right for you”. Hoping you would do the right thing by donating and/or sharing the half story video.