Tata Capital Celebrates 5 Years By Collecting Contact Details Via Facebook Contest

by Vinaya Naidu on September 27, 2021


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Financial services provider, Tata Capital has completed five years and is celebrating it with a Facebook contest where the wittiest answers stand to win daily gift vouchers. However, fans need to register with their mobile number and address.

Banks and financial firms are having a gala time on Facebook. This year, we’ve seen a number of banks coming out of their cocoon to engage and celebrate with their Facebook community, which was the usual case for other brands. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Facebook ad by Tata Capital that talked about celebrations and prizes; this would be one more to add to the list. Tata Capital would ask a question every day in this 30-day campaign called ‘Celebrating 5′ with wit being the criteria for winning daily prizes.

About ‘Celebrating 5′

You can access the contest through the ‘Celebrating 5′ Facebook app on the Tata Capital Facebook page. Like the page as the contest is exclusive to fans alone.  For first timers, the app will ask you to register with name, email, mobile number and address. The intelligent app pulls up the name and email from your Facebook account.


Once you like the page, you can see the above screen shot. After you enter through the button, you are shown the question of the day. Give a witty answer, click submit and pray to Lady Luck! The question for the day is ‘if a historian were to create a list of 5 most iconic Indian personalities today, who would you choose and for what reasons?’

After submission, you have an option to increase your chances of winning by answering again. In addition, you can share or invite friends to the contest.

The app does displays the Terms & Conditions and a privacy policy at the bottom.

How cool is Celebrating 5?

Although a very simple app, the concept is good for a Facebook celebration. Everybody loves to give a shot to their wit quotient. It also seems to be well aligned with the objective of spreading the word about the five years, but on second thoughts, it comes across as a disguised exercise in collecting contact details from fans. Apparently, the makers of this campaign decided to celebrate a 5-year anniversary with marketing gimmicks!

However, I found the questions to be quite appealing from a fan point of view. Savour a few here: If you had only Rs.5 in your wallet, how would you spend a day? What would life be like if there were only 5 days in a week? If you could go back in time, what would you tell your 5-year old self? The questions certainly call for witty answers and bring out the significance of ’5′ throughout this 30-day campaign.

Here are a couple of problems in this campaign:

As per the Terms & Conditions, it says winners will be notified by email then why get fans to register with mobile number and address too? Brands need to get their Facebook equation right as it takes just as long for a fan to ‘unlike’ and move on.

Apart from collecting contact details, the app has another problem in the winner announcement. There is no way to know about the daily winners and their witty answers on the contest app itself. An update on the wall took me to a separate tab called ‘Celebrating 5 Winners tab‘ that announced the winner for Question#14. Did that mean that 30 tabs will be created for 30 winners?

Later, I was amazed with what I found - an album titled ‘Celebrating 5- Winning answers‘ which had images created for each of the winners and their witty answers. That was indeed very smart, if you ask me! As per Facebook guidelines, you cannot announce your contest winners through Facebook messages, chat, timeline or Pages, but the usage of albums has not been denied for this purpose.

Besides, I was able to participate without ‘liking’ the page, by clicking on the T&C link in the home page. For an app that requests you to ‘like’ the page prior to participation, this should have been tested!

I liked that the app asked for permissions in the beginning and also that it utilised the Facebook virality features of ‘Share’ and ‘Invite’ but the underlying objective of this campaign calls for suspicion. What do you think?

Vinaya Naidu

Co-Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. A student of life, art and building relationships. Love to read just about anything and strongly believe that books make a beautiful world.

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