Tata Capital Amazing Holi Facebook Contest

An article that describes the Tata Capital Amazing Holi Facebook Contest

Festival season in India is a merry time for brands. And now with consumers being online, celebrations are online too. Holi is just a day away and brands on Facebook are trying to create the virtual effects of Holi for their fans on Facebook for a while now. Yesterday we reviewed one such Facebook contest, which is initiated by Tata Nano on its Facebook page. Tata Capital is another one doing the same but in a much more exciting way. Tata Capital that has a community of more than 30,000 fans has started a Facebook contest called “Splash Your Pals” keeping in mind the Holi spirit.

tata capital holi facebook contest
Tata Capital Holi Contest

“Splash Your Pals” is an exclusive contest for its fans so if you want to participate in it then you need to like the brand. Once you click the button on “Splash Your Pals” page, you would be directed to a Facebook app. Before that the app asks if it could post content in your behalf. I allowed it, as I wanted to see if it is going to show me the content before it posts on my wall as prescribed by the Facebook Promotional Guidelines.

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class= “center_lhi”] If a user grants you a publishing permission, you must still obtain consent from the user before taking any action on the user’s behalf, such as publishing content or creating an event.[/pullquote]

The App gives you two choices to play around with – 1) Splash Yourself and 2) Splash Your Friend. In both the choices the operation is similar. I tried splashing myself first and the app provided me a choice of my profile pictures for me to select that which I wanted to splash on. Once I selected the image, the app gave me interesting selection of spraying color on my face via Pickari, Palm print, Water balloon and Gulal. The app also provided a choice of colors for me to use it. Once you are done painting yourself the app asks you to share your favorite Holi moment, which is then displayed on your wall. The same mechanism works when you want to splash your friends too.  Apart from this, the app acts smart when you are selecting friends from the friend list by providing a search feature. A much needed feature when you have a big Facebook friend list.

tata capital facebook app
Splash Your Friends

“Splash Your Pals” is a simple and amazing app. Not only does it give me a choice to apply various colors and effects on my friends face, the simple search and inviting friend options are really cool. Apart from this you can actually view the gallery where others have shared their pictures with Holi message. However the app fails at one point of the promotional guidelines. The content that it is posted on my wall is not shown to me before it is posted and which shouldn’t be the case according to Facebook.

The Facebook wall is also painted with the Holi festival and fans are showing great reciprocation. For me it is a simple and cool app to be loved by fans. The brand not only targets a popular festival with a brillant app but the simple features added into the app will surely spread it among a larger audience. Do give it a try and I am sure you will have fun too. By the way if you can generate cool messages with the app then you stand a chance to win gift hampers from Tata Capital but make sure that you do it before 9th of March 2012.