An Insurance Company Chooses Long Format Storytelling For Its Brand Makeover Campaign

Tata AIA has launched the 'Daddy aur Zooey' ad film in phase 1 of its rebranding campaign, in which it tells the unique story of a father and son

Tata AIA Life insurance has started 2015 on a new note. The insurance company has joined hands with Citibank in a bancassurance partnership under which the company will launch products to be sold by Citibank. Along with wealth management, life protection, saving and retirement solutions, the partnership will see a digitisation process in place to aid smoother transactions and real-time instant service options.

The change is being communicated through its newly launched brand makeover campaign that is focussed on ‘Making good happen’. Launched in phases, the first phase of the campaign uses storytelling to highlight brand values, while the later phases will focus on the various product propositions for both new and existing customers.

At the heart of ‘Making good happen’ is the adorable story of a father and son – Daddy aur Zooey. The four-minute ad film conceptualized by JWT tells the story of their unique relationship and what makes them family of the year.

The film begins in a hill station where a little boy is seen waking up his father in the morning. As the day wears on, we see the father trying his best to impress the little boy through minor actions like getting a cookie jar from the top shelf and more. The story proceeds through amusing failures by the father where we see him being pushed around in queues or getting entangled in a blanket or being plain jerky.

The boy is shown to be a big fan of superheroes making it even more mandatory for the father to be his real life superhero.

At the son’s birthday party, we see the father get upset as the son sits on the shoulders of his favourite super hero, jumping with joy. This makes him challenge the superhero to an arm wrestling match which is obviously skewed towards the stronger man.

To the father’s surprise, his little son starts cheering for him, bringing tears to his eyes. Later we see the two sharing a laugh at a field, as we see the fathers’ arm is bandaged.

The voiceover in the end says, “Hum jeete hai…bas… apno ke achche ke liye”. The hashtag #daddyaurzooey is displayed along with ‘Making good happen’.

The ad film has received a good response with over 150K views in the week it has been uploaded. The emotional chord it strikes along with great storytelling has worked in its favour.

The film was launched on the insurance brand’s social media properties following teaser videos of the father-son duo. The Tata AIA Facebook page groomed its fans by sharing little video snippets from the film, prior to launching the complete film.

Post by Tata AIA Life.

Hashtags #Daddyaurzooey and #Makinggoodhappen figure in all content shared by the brand. The brand’s Twitter handle is also spreading the word along with the brand message of ‘Making good happen’.

Making good happen

Storytelling has been perhaps the only effective tool to bring across a point, over the ages. Last year saw a whole lot of brands take the storytelling route to highlight what they stood for and to leverage the shareable benefits of a digital story in a social media-driven world. With the story of ‘Daddy aur Zooey’, Tata AIA has not only set the stage for forthcoming brand communication with this endearing introduction to the brand, but also forged a strong and caring brand image for itself.

Daddy aur Zooey has the added advantage of touching people’s hearts, something an insurance brand could bank on, especially when it wants to establish itself as a partner in your insurance needs. The father-son bond despite being a cliched relationship in all promotional campaigns for insurance brands, still looks fresh with the story of ‘Daddy aur Zooey’.

It would be interesting to see how the story continues further to highlight the role of the brand in their lives. Else, it could turn into yet another beautiful long format ad film that failed to make an impact on social media.