Tanishq’s New TVC Featuring A Second Marriage Creates Quite A Stir On Social Media

A look at the social media impact of Tanishq's new wedding ad celebrating second marriage and thus breaking existing stereotypes in the country

With both Diwali and the wedding season being just round the corner, Tanishq, one of India’s most trusted jewellery brand by the Tata-owned Titan Company, had launched a television commercial for its latest wedding collection last month. The TVC features a bride wearing her Tanishq wedding jewellery while anxiously getting ready for the wedding ceremony, except that this is her second wedding.

Moving away from a traditional advertising approach that speaks to a larger mass, Tanishq sought to differentiate its communication for an evolved audience referred to as “for those who choose love over everything else”. Here’s the ad:

The bride is shown with a young daughter, who is excited about the wedding and expresses her wish to be a part of the pheras (the part in a Hindu wedding ceremony where the bride and groom walk around a fire seven times, while taking their vows). While the elders try to dissuade her, her would-be step-dad picks her up in his arms and carries on with the pheras, much to the bride’s contentment.

In fact, apart from being based on a re-marriage theme, the ad has also broken the norm of ‘the fair bride alone rules’. The bride chosen here is dusky, which is a spat on the ‘Fair & Lovely’ brigade controlling the country’s perception of women. A brave beginning from a popular brand.

Impact on YouTube

Uploaded on the 24th of October, the 90-second ad has garnered more than 813K views till date, and has received an overwhelmingly positive response on social media. While the Adweek calls the ad as “not only revolutionary. It is crazy bold”, the online community has been lauding it with adjectives like ‘taboo-breaking’, ‘fantastic’,‘outstanding’ and ‘progressive’. We take a look at the social media impact of the ad with the help of Unmetric social media monitoring tool.

From the time it was uploaded on 24th October till 5th November, the video has seen a steady uphill growth in terms of views. In fact, the jewellery brand has also managed to add 959 new subscribers to its YouTube channel in the same period, which reflects a higher growth rate (157.7%) than the average Luxury YouTube channel (1.7%) as per Unmetric. The channel has 1590 subscribers now when it had only 600 odd subscribers prior to publishing the ad!

Tanishq Ad Unmetric Youtube data

Facebook and Twitter help create buzz

Facebook and Twitter have further helped spread the ad. The first time it was shared with the brand’s 557K strong Facebook fan base on the 25th of October, the post received a decent response with 300+ likes, 200+ shares and 50+ comments. The ad has been subsequently shared on the 28th and 29th of October too, and managed to receive a decent interaction from the fans once again.

Post by Tanishq.

Twitter has seen the most buzz on the ad with conversations being ruled majorly by the hashtags - #Tanishq, #AWeddingToRemember, #Remarriage and #Advertising. The brand also managed to add 203 new followers in this period, which reflects a higher follower growth rate (6.8%) than the average Retail Chains Twitter account (1.5%), as per Unmetric.

The brand has also received a higher number of mentions in this period. See the two peaks in the graph, these are the days when the brand received the most mentions. As per Unmetric, the Twitter handle had a higher mentions/followers ratio (24.2%) than the average Retail Chains Twitter account (2.0%).

Tanishq_Mentions_Tweets_Count Unmetric

Twitterati have shown their love for the ad with a shower of praises, that also includes applauds from Minister Naveen Jindal for breaking stereotypes with grace and power.

Kudos to Tanishq! The jewellery brand has created quite a stir in a space where advertisers and marketers steer clear from breaking any taboos in society and choose to play safe instead. Moreover, social media has played a major role in spreading the brand’s path-breaking commercial, else the concept of re-marriage in a commercial is not a new one. A re-marriage ad was explored by Femina, the magazine for the woman of substance, quite a few years back.

Disclosure: Unmetric is an advertiser at LHI.