#WhatsYourPalette: Tanishq Streams An Interactive Live Painting For The Launch Of The Palette

For the launch of The Palette, a ring whcih can hold gemstones in 36 colours, Tanishq rolled out WhatsYourPalette. Users could tweet their favourite colours and see an artist painting with it, through livestreaming

Like an artist has the freedom to choose colours from her palette, now a jewellery brand offers jewellery aficionados the freedom to change colours every day. Jewellery brand, Tanishq has launched ‘The Palette’ - an innovative premium fashion accessory that lets the wearer mix and match semi-precious stones in 36 colours with a gold ring in yellow, pink and white.

Which means, a riot of colours to match with your outfit and mood, all in one beautiful ring. A wearer needs to choose her favourite color, choose the lock ring, twist and lock and voila, the new look is ready!

For an innovative piece of jewellery like The Palette, the brand has rolled out an equally innovative digital campaign – “WhatsYourPalette’. Tanishq has been inviting users to tweet their favourite colour using the campaign hashtag and see it come alive in a masterpiece. Everybody has their favourite colour and it didn’t take long for #WhatsYourPalette to trend on Twitter.

An artist is seen creating his masterpiece on the live streaming site created for the campaign. He is choosing the most voted colour from his palette to continue making his masterpiece. Users can participate by clicking on the gemstone of their choice, tweeting with the colour hashtag and watch the artist bring it to life.

There are nine hashtags for each of the nine coloured gemstones. At the time of writing this, he was painting with pink as #PalettePink was the most voted hashtag.

Here’s a demo video on how the gemstones can be set into the lock:


Digital buzz was created a few days prior on social media. Tanishq leveraged its social media properties to introduce the innovative piece. Content focused on users’ chosen colours and how they would like to see it come alive, before unveiling the live streaming interactive campaign today.

At present, the Tanishq Twitter handle is busy inviting people to join in the making of the masterpiece, soon the Palette would be unveiled to viewers who explore the website. UPDATE: The finished masterpiece was shared at the end of the live painting session.

Digital launch crafted for the new age fashionista

The Palette is inspired by a woman’s love for color, says Tanishq at the site, and this ring is a tribute to suit her kaleidoscopic personality. Well, who wouldn’t want to wear 36 different shades on one ring. For an innovative ring like the Palette targeted at the new age fashion conscious woman, the Tanishq #WhatsYourPalette digital campaign is the perfect launch.

For one, it has trended on Twitter basis the user participation that was mandatory for the masterpiece to be created. Secondly, it has brought alive the concept of colour, the central theme of the Palette. Bringing on board a real artist and having him paint with your fans’ favourite colours makes for a truly interactive experience on digital. Cool launch to reach out to the new age fashionista.

The Tanishq #WhatsYourPalette digital launch scores in innovation, user interactivity and engagement. Hope you’ve enjoyed the artist creating a masterpiece from most voted colours, just like I have.