Tanishq Celebrates The Woman Entrepreneur In New Ad For Niloufer Collection

New ad film captures beautifully her journey of a thousand apologies as she goes about juggling her family responsibilities, social obligations, household chores, and maid woes


Start-ups are the new fad in ‘Digital India’, and the new flavor in brand campaigns. More and more brands have chosen to salute the spirit of entrepreneurship sprouting across the country this year. We have already seen quite a few clutter-breaking campaigns pay tribute to entrepreneurs last year, and the trend is picking up momentum in 2016. Read: Brand campaigns paying tribute to entrepreneurs. To add to that, blending the evergreen flavor of ‘women empowerment’, appears to be in vogue in the world of advertising.

The latest is Tanishq, the Titan-owned jewellery retailer that has taken a good helping of inspiration from this start-up generation for its new launch campaign for the Niloufer collection. The brand’s existing take on celebrating the enterprising woman of today is also intact.

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the minute-long film revolves around a young woman entrepreneur who has been recognized for her accomplishments. The story begins with her checking into her hotel room hurriedly to get ready for the awards night, while we get a listen to her acceptance speech that’s been playing out in her mind throughout the time she’s unpacking her suitcase, ironing her dress, and of course, wearing jewellery from the new Niloufer collection.

She says that this is her first thank you speech, and that if it were an apology it may have worked better, as she has been issuing apologies for most of her entrepreneurial life. Then she goes into a light-hearted tirade of apologies - Sorry Neha for missing your wedding, sorry mom, beta, dad, sorry Kanta bai, all because she has had a start-up to focus on.

The subtle sarcasm around “sorry’s” is mixed well with the most important fruit that follows - the big Thank You she’d always been wanting to say. The film ends with defining the woman: ‘for those who are willing to try something new.’

While the ad film has set the tone and defined the woman meant for the Niloufer collection, the brand’s social media channels are spreading the word with an interesting mix of visuals including catalogue images and digital paintings. Every piece of content leads to the collection’s website complete with a catalogue, description and look book.

Riding the start-up wave

Timeless jewellery can never go off style, and has the new-age digital savvy woman drawn towards its charms too. Moreover, Tanishq has several sub-brands under its umbrella like Zuhur, Inara, Uttara and more, each with its own defined consumer segment. Hence Tanishq needed a differentiated approach for the Niloufer collection that appeals to the working woman aspiring to make her own distinctive mark one day. Blending the best of both positive trends sweeping consumer sentiments today - empowered women and enterprising women, Tanishq has once again set itself apart from other jewellery brands, in terms of brand perception and promise.

Last year, for its new diamond jewellery collection Zuhur, Tanishq celebrated the independent social woman of today in its ad campaign. A group of three women friends are spending a reunion evening together, in the company of folk music and their cherished friendship, in the TVC capturing the social status they’ve earned and enjoy now.

From the independent, free-spirited woman, the focus is now on the strong, enterprising woman looking for something new. The Niloufer campaign manages to perfectly capture the trials and tribulations of being a woman entrepreneur. The film captures beautifully her journey of a thousand apologies as she goes about juggling her family responsibilities, social obligations, household chores, and maid woes.

Incidentally, Tanishq’s parent brand Titan had chosen the start-up theme last year for its Celestial Time watch collection for men.