‘Mia On Wheels’ A Brilliant Campaign Integrating Social Media

How Tanishq promoted its latest range of Mia jewellery for the working woman by pampering her with styling, music, spa and more, all on her way to work


How Tanishq promoted its latest range of Mia jewellery for the working woman by pampering her with styling, music, spa and more, all on her way to work.

Founded in 1994, Tanishq, a part of TATA group and the largest retail jewellery brand in India has just exemplified its understanding of the changing needs of a woman. Its latest promotional launch for ‘Mia Collections’ through a unique bus trip ‘Mia on Wheels’, has set an example in integrated marketing in the digital age.

The Mia range positioned as ‘everyday jewellery for the working woman’ was served to them on their way to work. Working women were invited to enjoy an hour of styling, music, spa, photo shoots and conversations. No intrusive marketing tactics!

The pitch was simple and smart. Working women had to register through a Facebook app to get on board the specially designed bus ‘Mia on wheels’. A preference was offered in timing as to when they would like to come aboard - an hour in the morning slot before work or an hour just before noon. Besides, Mia on Wheels could also wheel in to an office if there are enough nominations, at least ten women needed to qualify for a Mia experience at their office.

The working woman would then be treated with a host of services that will let her glow all day – a styling session with the newest Mia jewellery, a make-over by make-up artists, a candid photo-shoot by a professional photographer and a rejuvenating foot massage, all on her way to work.

Tanishq_Mia_on_Wheels FB

The Facebook app is currently in the completion stage of Mia on Wheels’ successful trip in the city of Bangalore. It displays a prominent ‘Thank you Bangalore’. The brand will probably target other cities going by the consumer response in Bangalore though it hasn’t been announced as yet.

Getting social savvy?

The jewellery brand celebrated the launch via Facebook and Twitter through a series of exciting pre-launch updates and contests. There have been exciting updates on Facebook beginning with the introduction of Mia on wheels, followed by stunning pictures of happily pampered women who took the ride. Facebook was also employed to inform about the current whereabouts of Mia on wheels in the city of Bangalore.

The Twitter handle (@TanishqJewelry) was also put to use via a cool contest. You had to follow the brand and tell them why you’d love to come aboard using the hashtag #MiaOnWheels.

Interestingly, the Mia range has been co-created through a crowdsourced campaign ‘My expression‘ early this year. The brand had invited ideas for working women jewellery in the form of text, pictures or a video explaining the concept. These were then put up for public voting with the top ideas making it to the Jury Selection round. An eminent three member jury chose the top 10 who went on to win a cash prize of INR 1,00,000 each. In addition, they also won a chance to contribute to the co-creation activity and assist the creation of their idea into a product form.

Using a combination of social media channels along with other traditional forms, the brand has developed its own marketing niche. ‘ Mi a on wheels’ has the right dose of relevancy and targeted approach without being intrusive. In fact, it serves as a good case study where marketing to women is concerned. I, for one, am too impressed!

Can somebody please tell me if Pune is on the itinerary of ‘Mia on Wheels’? I am waiting…