Tanishq Crowdsources Designs For Mia Expressions 2

Mia, jewellery for the working woman by Tanishq has launched 'Mia Expressions 2' a co-creation initiative on social media where one can submit their designs and get rewarded


Mia, the range of jewellery for the Indian working woman by Tanishq, one of the largest retail jewellery brand in India from the house of Tata, has launched its co-creation initiative on social media called ‘Mia Expressions 2’. The two month campaign that ends today is the jewellery brand’s crowdsourcing initiative where anybody with a penchant for good design can express themselves and get a chance to collaborate with them to create their own collection. 10 of the most innovative designs suitable for the working woman judged by an elite panel and public voting will be rewarded with Rs. 1 lakh!

Mia Expressions 2 has a dedicated microsite and leverages the social media properties of Tanishq to spread the word. As can be seen in the screenshot, the site provides the steps to participate along with a useful FAQ and information on the jury panel, Mia designers, the past ‘My Expression’ winners and more.

The 30-second video on the website features the story of Madhumita who found her inspiration in a snowflake and created a ring that could also turn into a bracelet. To participate you need to login at the website and share your design either using the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tool or enter text, upload a picture, upload/paste the YouTube link of your idea explaining the design concept. The contest has garnered more than 10K designs!


Social media buzz for Mia Expressions 2 seems to be on the lower side as the main brand Tanishq is occupied in running the Confessions of a Bride campaign on the Facebook and Twitter pages. Nevertheless, the initiative does have a few updates on the Tanishq Facebook and Twitter page. While the site pulls up tweets made with the hashtag #MyExpression2, a Facebook stream also displays the wall updates of Tanishq.

Connecting with the working woman

For a brand that creates jewellery for the working woman, Mia Expressions 2 is a nice way to also co-create with them. The combination of expert jury and public voting makes for a fair contest too. In fact Mia Expressions was part of the larger launch last year with a bus ride for working women called ‘Mia on wheels‘. In this bus, working women were pampered with styling, music, spa among other exciting stuff, while also promoting the new Mia range.

Co-creation with the community and relevant incentives makes Mia Expressions 2 appeal to the working woman. Besides, the use of online and social media ensures reach to this target group, that is usually hooked online.

Stay tuned to the site as online voting begins this month!