Tanishq To Fulfil Confessions Of Brides This Wedding Season

Review of Tanishq's online campaign ‘Confessions of a Bride' where brides-to-be can confess their secret wedding wish and get it fulfilled by Tanishq this wedding season


It’s the season of weddings in India. Brides and grooms to be want theirs to be that one wedding they’ll always remember. And brands catering to weddings also want to play a special role on that day. Tanishq, one of India’s largest retail jewellery brand from Tata, is on a mission to fulfil wedding wishes of brides-to-be through their online campaign ‘Confessions of a Bride’. The month-long campaign is urging brides in the country to confess their secret wish for a unique wedding idea and the brand might just make it come true for a few of them!

This is the story of Sandhya, a bride who wished for an exclusive underwater photo shoot with her fiancé Rahul. But tight budgets meant they could either get married at a luxurious wedding venue or have this shoot. She confessed to Tanishq who along with her fiancé Rahul take her by surprise by making her dream come true.

Confessions of a Bride

For ‘Confessions of a Bride’, Tanishq has developed a website ‘TanishqWeddings‘ complete with every required information for a wedding. Apart from listing the Tanishq wedding catalogue and collection, one can also check out various wedding rituals in the country, meet a stylist, book an appointment at a Tanishq store or make use of useful tools like the wedding planner and gift registry.

The home page welcomes you with the ad film of Sandhya and Rahul, that actually convinces you to confess your wedding wish. You can login through Facebook and click on Confess now button. A confession form requires you to fill up details like where did you first meet and your favourite moments with each other, apart from your wedding date, your confession and a favourite photo of the two of you.


There are many reasons to confess. While the most unique confessions will be fulfilled, the other brides can get a makeover or have their wedding dress designed by Tanishq. You can read through confessions by brides and get some ideas too!

The social networks of Tanishq have been actively promoting ‘Confessions of a Bride’. Underwater shots of Sandhya and Rahul have been shared on its Facebook and Twitter pages to drive fans to the website.

Bonding with the consumer

Every girl harbours this one dream for her wedding, be it a particular designer’s dress or a uniquely themed wedding. By fulfilling such wishes closest to a bride’s heart, Tanishq gets a step closer to its target consumer - the bride-to-be, while also promoting its wedding collection. ‘Confessions of a Bride’ helps the brand in building a bond and creating beautiful memories for brides and their families everywhere. Moreover, the website and social media help reach out to the urban woman for her wedding needs.

Tanishq has been a few of the early brands to have adopted social to reach out to women. Its recent ad film encouraging second marriage was the talk of the online world including international media. The sub brand Mia that makes jewellery for working women leverages the power of crowdsourcing to connect with her. The first season saw over 10K crowdsourced designs of which 10 were actually created and are now part of the collection.

Tanishq sets a good example when it comes to marketing to women and the right use of social media to engage with them. What are your thoughts?