Take Catches And Save Runs With ‘The Great Indian Catch’ By Pepsi India

A review of the 'The Great Indian Catch' By Pepsi India, an online app that enables fans to field along with real batsmen and bowlers, and stand a chance to win VIP Box IPL tickets


Pepsi India has indulged in a whole lot of online campaigns that bring alive the magic of cricket in this season of IPL6. ‘The Great Indian Catch’ is another of the beverage brand’s endeavour to engage its fans, just as its bat-tweeting one with Pepsi Tweet20. While Tweet20 enabled users to play online shots through Twitter, ‘The Great Indian Catch’ brings alive the experience of fielding along with real batsmen and bowlers. And yes, there are Pepsi VIP Box tickets to be won!

The Great Indian Catch

Catch kahin bhi aa sakta hai’, so the whole of India is your playing field. The application game that is hosted at a dedicated microsite uses Google maps and Facebook check-in functions. A participant has to give access to the application to action Facebook check-ins to different cities on the map of India. ‘The Great Indian Catch’ involves six pools of two matches each with a total of 12 matches. The top scorer of every pool will be eligible for the grand prize, hence the game will have 6 grand prize winners!

The home page welcomes you with a video on how to play the game and steps involved. Below is a leaderboard featuring the top scorers in the previous pool match, the batsmen for the day along with pitch and weather conditions, and the bowlers for the day. You can begin by clicking on ‘Play now’.

Login with Facebook  and see the whole of India’s map on the playing field with Pepsi crowns at certain places. These are the places  where you can position your fielders. You can play a total of 20 out of 90 balls in one day and save maximum runs or take catches!


Navigating stepwise, the app will help  you go about the ‘seemingly difficult’ game, so that you can position your fielders appropriately.

Begin with selecting 3 of your friends to field along with you, with a different quality to every fielder – Runner, Catcher, Thrower and Diver. Depending on the batsmen at the crease, you can make your judgement using the given information on his favourite shots and IPL stats. Fielding skills can be increased by sending Pepsi IPL merchandise to your friends and earning points. Besides, the app provides a way to increase or decrease your fielder’s skill.


The app provides  the pitch and weather conditions of the day. There is a scorecard with points scored, balls left, catches taken and rank in the game. There is also a countdown which tells you when the next ball will arrive.

Then there are the upcoming balls of the day. Bowling information gives the current bowler stats and his bowling style. Based on the ball type, you can choose your fielding formation, by reading the length and line of the ball and taking into consideration the batsman’s favourite shots.

The fielding capability of your fielders can be seen by the toggle button ‘see field’.

The location of the bowling pitch on the map is described too. All these help in making your fielding judgement, while you play indoors!

How cool is it?

Like I stated earlier, ‘The Great Indian Catch’  comes across as a ”seemingly difficult’ cricket game, but it is not. The credit goes to the numerous instructions along the way, that together with the video tutorial and explained steps, help make it easy to grasp. For a non-player like me, it was very helpful indeed, though it takes some time to get a good hang of the game. The concept of engaging cricket fans through an online game is impressive too.

Besides having a neat layout and design, the app works smoothly, gives ample amount of instructions and provides for a good experience for a cricket enthusiast. For a game like ‘The Great Indian Catch’ which involves careful judgement and decision making prior to a move, the app succeeds in providing all the required information to a fielder. But, the one thing I feel needs an alteration is the duration between two balls; 300 seconds to set a fielding position is too long. Perhaps, the brand wants participants to stay hooked, while at work!

It comes as no surprise that the app has been designed by Digivaasi, a creative led digital agency that recently won an award for ‘Best use of social media’ for Pepsi Tweet20.

The Great Indian Catch is indeed a cool idea that has been well executed. Do share your experiences with the app, in case you have given it a shot.