Taj Safaris Goes Social For #StriveForStripes, An Initiative To Save The Tiger

Review of Taj Safaris #StriveForStripes social media awareness campaign on the importance of saving tigers, where one can take a pledge to save tigers, and live chat with a renowned naturalist

Taj Safaris, a joint venture between the Taj group and &Beyond, Africa’s most comprehensive safari operator and leading ecotourism company, specialises in giving you a unique experience of Indian jungles coupled with the legendary Taj service. Rooted in a sustainable eco-tourism model, guests can experience jungle drives from luxurious safari lodges located in the country’s famous tiger reserves like the Bandhavgarh, Pench, Kanha and Panna National Park.

And, the problem with the declining number of tigers in the country poses a threat to these ecosystems. Hence, to preserve them and create awareness on the importance of saving tigers for our future, Taj Safaris launched #StriveForStripes – a campaign to bring together people who want to save the tiger, and what better occasion than International Tiger Day or Global Tiger Day, an annual celebration on July 29 to raise awareness on tiger reservation.

#StriveForStripes goes social

The campaign has leveraged social media channels to reach out and create awareness prior to Global Tiger Day. The Facebook page of Taj Safaris has built an app where fans can take a pledge to strive for stripes. The app displays the number of pledges taken so far and a button to take your pledge. There is also a button to share about the pledge on Facebook and Twitter, in addition to the option to invite your Facebook friends to take the pledge.


The second tab in the app enlightens on the sustainability initiatives undertaken by Taj Safaris like eco-friendly beekeeping, water rejuvenation improving the livelihoods of the local people.

Alongside, the Facebook wall is sharing a bevy of informative updates about #StriveForStripes, the ongoing progress about the campaign and facts about tigers and their conservation.

Additionally, on Global Tiger Day on the 29th of July, an extensive Google Plus Hangout was also initiated with naturalist and editor of Sanctuary Magazine, Bittu Sahgal, where he answered questions on tiger conservation and how a common man including tourists living in the city can help in this initiative, state government’s steps to conserve tigers and uplift the local community to depend less on the natural ecosystem, and solutions to deal with poaching.

It was scary to know the fact that our future generations will not be able to see the tiger if drastic steps are not taken now. It would take a decade to bring the tiger count to 10K in the country!

The 42-minute G+ Hangout has been shared as a YouTube video on the Taj Safaris YouTube channel.

Twitter and buzz creation on social media go hand in hand. The Twitter handle of Taj Safaris has been creating conversations around the campaign hashtag #Striveforstripes. From urging Twitter users to take the pledge to inviting questions for the live chat with Sahgal, the page has managed to create buzz for the initiative.

How cool is it?

If we want to see the tiger as our National Animal, these conservation measures are a must. The idea of saving tigers in a rapidly tiger declining country is not just a mandatory campaign but also saving our future which depends on natural resources. Taj Safaris, in taking up #Striveforstripes as part of its sustainable eco-toursim drive, is also building positive branding as it goes social.

A campaign driven by a sole hashtag #StriveForStripes ensures conversations on various social media platforms are tracked easily, while also spreading the word through the medium. Social networks have been leveraged optimally too. The Facebook updates along with the pledge and social sharing options leads to increased visibility. The Google Plus Hangout  with a renowned naturalist has lent an authority to the initiative, while also enabling fans to interact and know more about how they can contribute.

#Striveforstripes is a well-focused campaign that makes good use of social media. What are your views?