Tagged By Titan Rewards You For Tagging Friends On Social Media

A look at the social media activities by Titan for its new range of Tagged watches, where fans can get rewarded for tagging their friends on social media


With social networking sites on the rise, commercials are getting increasingly targeted to the social media savvy youth. Things we do on social networks are being emulated into advertisements with the latest ad by Titan taking the feature of ‘tagging friends’ –  a behaviour we exhibit so often on Facebook and Twitter – and bringing it literally to the real world. Incidentally, the ad is for the new watches collection by Titan called ‘Tagged’ which is made for the trendy youth.

The ad shows young people tagging their friends by hooking up their watches in a multitude of situations where they wish to convey a connection and a need for shared moments.

The campaign has been extending the concept of ‘tagged’ onto other online activities with a microsite having many exciting tagging contests, where you need to tag your friends on Facebook or upload special pictures of you that would go into a unique cover story.

‘Tagged by cricket’ gets you to cheer for your favourite IPL team this cricket season or lash out at the ones you hate. Login via Facebook or Twitter and select the team in the drop down list and  type the message in the box below, which already has a pre-filled hashtag #Taggedbycricket. You win points with every message update.

The site displays the top rankings beside the contest and the posts made by others. 5 lucky winners get Tagged watches every week. Top 6 winners get invites to the grand Tagged party.

Titan get tagged

‘Tagged on the cover’ enables you to be a part of the greatest cover story on Facebook. You need to upload a photo that is uniquely you after logging in through Facebook. The app allows pictures to be selected from your Facebook album or from your computer. Give it a description as to why is it uniquely you. The app also needs the exact time at which the picture was taken. The pictures uploaded by others can be seen in a timeline format.

These images would be made into a unique cover page at the Facebook page!

‘Get tagged’ gets you to tag your friends on Facebook where the app displays your friends list beside a ‘tag’ button. Tags by others can be seen below the app. Titan gift cards worth Rs. 1000 can be won every week by the most tagged person!

A Social media effect

The concept is cool and understandably betting upon the tagging virality on social networks. It looks as if the product line was named ‘Tagged’ so it could be spread through a ‘tagging’ campaign on social media!

The Titan watches Facebook page is all about ‘Tagged’ ever since the launch of the new ad. The 1.1 million strong Facebook community has been kept entertained by a variety of content comprising like-minded friends being tagged by a common love. Besides, most of the content in between also encourages fans to participate in the contests hosted on the microsite. The Titan Twitter page is in sych with the Facebook updates and leads you to Facebook or microsite links, nothing phenomenal happening there.

The ‘tagging’ feature of Facebook was seen recently in a campaign for NGO ‘Once Again’ that tagged friends to donate things they had no use for. The initiative began with volunteers who tagged the things rather than faces on pictures shared by their friends, who in turn were led to the Once Again page that had the donate message. These friends then spread the message further in the network by tagging other friends. The virality here is due to a good cause as opposed to the Tagged campaign being executed by Titan.

What do you like about ‘Tagged’? Do share your views on the effectiveness of tagging campaigns.