Social Media News From Asia [25th March 2014]

1. Industry welcomes Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings Australia launch: Media executives welcomed the Asia-Pacific arrival of Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, as the offering—although not perfect—will force agencies and marketers to take a more holistic view of the [...]

WhatsApp Rival, WeChat Now Has More Than 355M Monthly Active Users

Yesterday Chinese web giant Tencent revealed its Q4 2013 earnings report. The company made US$9.91 billion in revenue for the whole of 2013, up 38 percent on the 2012 figure. In Q4 it made US$2.78 billion, up 40 percent over Q4 2012. However the most [...]

Social & Digital Media News From Asia [20th March 2014]

1. Sina Weibo’s US IPO document features 56 pages of China operating risks: Weibo Corp., a subsidiary of Chinese Internet behemoth Sina, has filed for a $500 million stock offer in the United States, the ultimate exercise in capitalism, as it seeks [...]

Chinese Mobile Messaging App WeChat Has 272M Active Users Globally

Mobile messaging apps are the new channels for socializing. While WhatsApp has been the global leader in the messaging app arena, Chinese messaging app from Tencent, globally known as WeChat has been spiking its growth globally too. According to Tech In [...]

Chinese Messaging App WeChat Has 70 Million Overseas Users. Invests Big On Marketing

Asian messaging apps are making their presence felt in international territories too. Chinese Internet giant Tencent’s messaging app WeChat has been a great example. The free messaging app in May had revealed that more than 50 million users were [...]

How Stickers Have Become A Dominant Source Of Revenue For Mobile Messaging Apps

Mobile messaging apps are a craze at least in Asia. There was a time when WhatsApp dominated the market. Things have changed today and WhatsApp is facing the heat from Asian messaging apps like WeChat from China, LINE from Japan, Kakao Talk from South [...]