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Twitter Strategy For Brands

Twitter, a platform about 140 characters, is by far the easiest network that mankind has ever created, though it has evolved now from a conversation platform to a content one. However, there has been another problem with brands or SME’s that they [...]

Twitter Mistakes That Brands Can Avoid

I love the world of 140 characters and on an average I spend 3-4 hours daily on Twitter. With all other activities on Twitter, I love to observe my Twitter stream. A common thing I have noticed is that brands on Twitter fail terribly to connect with their [...]

9 Reasons Why You Are Unfollowed On Twitter

Do you check who unfollowed you in the same way you check who followed you daily on Twitter. One may debate that why should I care if someone has unfollowed me. If you are tweeting for the love of doing it then it doesn’t matter much but if you are [...]

What Do You Do When Someone Follows You On Twitter?

Following and Followers are your community on Twitter.  Followers add you as they think that adding you would create value and following are those whom you follow. Following list are your influences and you are an influencer for your followers. Respect [...]