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Do Indian Brands Need To Evolve Upon Twitter Hashtags

Triggered by a recent debate on whether brands can hijack hashtags to promote their own messages, this article looks into where the industry is headed - a war of ethics or an urgent call for innovation. Almost the whole of last year, we came across [...]

How Pluggdin Created A Buzz For UnPluggd On Twitter

The mecca of all things startup, Pluggdin, held its 5th flagship event, UnPluggd today in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. UnPluggd is undoubtedly India’s biggest startup event that serves as a common platform for everyone in the startup ecosystem [...]

Why Twitter Is Enforcing Stricter Guidelines For Third Party Developers

Over the last 6 years Twitter has grown in leaps and bounds. Third party developer communities have played a significant role in this growth but Twitter has not been forthcoming in its appreciation.  On the contrary, it has been tough and how -bringing [...]

Why #sstweetstore Did Not Trend

A few days back, most active twitteraties had stumbled upon a unique phenomenon on Twitter. The retail brand, Shopper’s Stop was giving away cool prizes for tweeting at a particular bidding number, using the hashtag #sstweetstore.  The casino-like [...]

@Airtel_Presence Most Responsive Telecom Brand On Twitter [Report]

Twitter as we know is one of the effective platforms for conversations. With time brands have given a new meaning to Twitter, by converting them into a customer servicing platform. The customer service which was on the phone a few years ago, has made a [...]

Can SME’s Ignore Conversations On Twitter?

I am of the belief that social media is and will be a game changer for SME’s or local businesses located anywhere in this world. However, for this we need to use the platform of 140 characters effectively. The net is overloaded with ‘how to’ [...]