How Only LinkedIn Benefits From The Breakup With Twitter

Back in 2009, when Twitter was still evolving as a platform for real-time information sharing, it also led to a spree of associations with other networks. And one such partnership was formed between Twitter and LinkedIn which allowed the ease of synching [...]

LinkedIn Stops Sharing Tweets On User Profiles

Earlier Twitter announced in a blog post that in the coming days it is going to enforce stricter guidelines with regards to the API. Michael Sippey in his post added that as always Twitter is working hard to make tools that would be easy for developers to [...]

Branding Events, A New Source Of Revenue For Social Networks

Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter have evolved from just being social media platforms. They are now providing different ways for brands to engage with their fans. Facebook had been severely criticized after it’s IPO for it’s failure to generate [...]

Twitter Launches Expanded Tweets On Twitter

Twitter seems to be on a launching spree, especially from the last few days. First there was a logo redesign, then the change in how we look at trending topics and now Twitter is going to change our experience on how we look at tweets from or [...]

Twitter Introduces Tailored Trends

Twitter has been constantly working to make its space of 140 characters attractive and meaningful. After the logo redesign that happened some time back, Twitter has announced on it’s blog that it is working on customizing trending topics. The feature is [...]

Twitter Has A New Logo #Twitterbird

Twitter, one of my favorite networks and also for 140M active users has donned a new look. According to a blog post published by Doug Bowman, Creative Director (@stop), Twitter has a complete logo redesign and the new logo is nothing but a simple blue [...]