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Star Movies Action Calls For The #UltimateIronManFan For Iron Man 3 TV Premiere

Star Movies Action has chosen to premiere superhero film ‘Iron Man 3’ for the Republic Day weekend this Sunday on 26th January, 2014. Starring actor Robert Downey, Jr as Tony Stark, the man behind the iron armour, the sequel movie sees him discovering [...]

How Sony PIX, Channel [V] & NDTV Good Times Leveraged Social Media For Rebranding

The year is ending on a promising note for television audiences in the country. With some of the television channels having exercised a complete rebranding with not just a new logo, but an altogether new set of shows in line with the evolved brand [...]

ETC Fights Against Movie Piracy Via Bollywood Thanks You, Fans Receive Personalized Video Messages From Akshay Kumar

Bollywood is always under constant threat from movie piracy. Every time someone pirates a cheap copy of the movie and spreads it through CDs and torrents, the industry suffers. In its long and continuing battle against film piracy, Bollywood found a new [...]

NDTV Good Times Gets Younger, Adds #LiveYoung As Tagline

This is the season of evolution for quite a few television channels in the country. When audiences have segmented further and devices of consumption are not only the idiot box, channels are configuring themselves to the new. India’s first lifestyle [...]

Channel [V] Rebrands To Connect With The Youth, Appeals With #CorrectHai

Channel [V] is getting younger. The Star India owned music channel had undergone a massive rebranding just last year on July 1, 2022 when it dropped the music to make way for general entertainment and reality shows. The channel is revamping again with a [...]

Star Sports Engages Fans With The Sachin Memory Project And Big Picture

Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement is yet to sink in, as the whole nation is enveloped in gratitude. When a legendary cricketer with an extraordinary career spanning 24 years decides to retire, the farewell is undoubtedly a long and emotional one. [...]