Should Nirmal Baba Be On Social Media?

I hardly watch any television but this time when I went visiting my mum, I ended up watching a whole chunk of it. And how has the medium changed! Every program, be it news, science or comedy, has a presence on social media. Reminds me of the days of the [...]

Why Should You Have A Blog?

I know it is such an old question and similar to the stories of social media gurus who keep on sharing at conferences about the same Dell’s disaster on social media, the now infamous Dell-Hell. But parking the debate aside for a while, “Why should you [...]

Crowdsourcing Through Social Media

Crowdsourcing through social media seems to be an economic, viable and most sought out for option among brands and Bollywood. Whether you need a logo, a new product design or for that matter even script writers, all you need to do is give a shout at any [...]

How To Drive Traffic From Social Media To Your Blog

With the invention of interesting social networks, there has been a domino effect in the blogging world. Although sharing and reach of content has drastically improved, it also meant that people were happy enough to tweet or like instead of commenting on [...]

Social Media For NMIMS MBA Students

Marketers are now aware that there is a fifth ‘P’ that was missing from their syllabi. So management institutes like Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) have decided to integrate social media into its curriculum.(Indian Express) The plan [...]

#SSPune- Driving Traffic To Your Site

It was a lazy afternoon at Startup Saturday and the lighthouse team had an event to cover here relating to different ways to get traffic to your site. But there is a little twist here – Prasant was the speaker for ‘How to drive traffic from social media [...]