Indian social networks

Now Get Social With Like-Minded Strangers Via Treetins Social Network

Yet another social network after sharing a list of 14 Indian social networks of 2013. Well, Treetins is not another social network but a place where you would like to bump on to a stranger with similar interests. The Mumbai based company has been built [...]

Movie Platform Rinema Creates Interactive Collages To Show Off Your Favourite Movies

Rinema, the movie platform that helps movie buffs to stay updated, organised and share their kind of movies with a set of like-minded folks from across the globe, has just announced an exciting feature at the site. Users can create interactive collage [...]

19 Interesting Indian Social Networks Of 2013

In August 2011, I had done a story on “Why Indian Social Networks Have Re-positioned” as Indians had no better options other than Facebook. But, my quest to keep looking for interesting Indian social networks didn’t stop there and in 2013 we [...]

Dapple: Discover Movies & Find The Trending Movies Among Your Friends

In a country obsessed with movies as a major source of entertainment, most of us end up discussing our favourite movies with each other. And with such discussions having shifted online, quite a few startups are delving into the dedicated movie discussion [...]

Candidly Allows You To Share Candid Messages And Moments With Your Friends

Visual or Image sharing apps are still holding the focus of users. While Instagram has been one of the favourites to be later acquired by Facebook, Snapchat has given a new dimension to the imagination of the youth. The app that allows you to share images [...]

The Review Monk Founders Share Their Startup Journey, Challenges Faced And The Road Ahead

Everything begins with an idea. Or let’s just say over a casual phone conversation, like it did with the founders of The Review Monk - a platform for movie buffs. Founded by Los Angeles based husband wife duo, Rohith Ravindranath and Ruhi [...]