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7 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading

What a week it has been - Facebook acquiring Instagram for $1 Billion, LinkedIn introducing it’s most exciting feature of generating targeted content, Google Plus revamping it’s look! Back home in India, articles have been pouring in from the India [...]

Pintile Introduces New Design Changes

Visuals are the flavor of social media networks this year, every one from Facebook to Pinterest wants a bigger slice. While Pinterest has been growing popular day-by-day especially is US where it is the third most popular network, the story hasn’t been [...]

Pinterest Launches Redesigned Profile Pages

Pinterest, as predicted has come up with a complete redesign for the profiles, which has been rolled out as shared on their blog. Ben Silberman, Co-Founder and CEO of Pinterest hinted the same during his recent appearance at SXSW. Ben had promised that [...]

Pintile, A Pinterest Rip-off!

Cashing in on a trending or hot topic has been an old trick. When the trending Kolaveri Di was released, we also saw another bunch of Kolaveri’s tailored in different tastes and languages being served to us, same is the story of Pintile. We have read [...]

How Indian Ecommerce Should Use Pinterest?

Some time back people were getting crazy to get their hands dirty on Google Plus, today they do it on Pinterest, an online pinboard. It is a fast world when it comes to social networks these days. Apart from that, you also see loads of media coverage and [...]

Qyuki, An Indian Social Network For Stories

Whenever I use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or for that matter the latest sensation Pinterest, I am excited to do so but at the same time I always have a question in my mind. Excited because I am a social media believer and love the art of sharing but in [...]