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Social Media Helps Regional Wikipedia Communities In India

Social Media has become the new horizon for regional Wikipedians to reach out, share information and contribute to the Wikipedia. Wikipedia needs no introduction. It is one of the online world’s first crowdsourced project that has its fair share of [...]

United By Branding, Divided By Social Media [Guest Article]

Time for brands to be more social This is a guest article by Annkur P Agarwal. While my neighbor who has little interest in Twitter, comes back once in a while to abuse his broadband service provided, I can’t help but notice the fragmented culture [...]

What Not To Expect From Social Media

Expectations should be set right for every single thing and the same holds true for social media. Recently, at a conference where I was invited as a speaker to talk about social media marketing good practices in front of a bunch of people who had local [...]

Hyundai’s Social Media Strategy For Auto Expo 2012

The 11th Auto Expo, 2012 in Delhi is catching the attention of media for two reasons: one it is the hottest launch pad for national and international auto giants and second is the use of social media by auto brands to create the buzz and engagement of the [...]

Candid Talks With Preetham Venkky On Social Media

Preetham Venkky Preetham Venkky, is a person who has influenced me with his immense knowledge on social media. Remember the big news when one morning Cadbury’s Bournville, Pizza Hut India, etc. woke up to find their Facebook page was missing. Reason being [...]

Stockezy, An Indian Social Investing Community

I was never good at numbers and it has always been like that. This was also one of the reasons that kept me away from investing in stocks. I was scared to invest but at the same time I was also tempted when my brother was making money from it. Today [...]