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Giveter, Interests Based Social Gifting Over Facebook

A review about Giveter which allows you to shop smartly over the web and suggests you with gifts for your friends on Facebook depending upon their interests and activities. Shopping is a pain when you have to hunt for the right gift. While you are doing [...]

Koolkart, Adds Social To Your Shopping Experience [Review] is a site that makes your purchasing decisions smarter online by providing the best prices of a product. It also brings a social experience to your buying by informing about your friends who might have liked the product or have bought it. [...]

Exprestore, A Facebook Commerce Company [Review]

Commerce on social media especially on Facebook is still a business that is being considered after we had heard brands closing shops on Facebook last year. Exprestore, a Bangalore based company is the new name to surface in the world of Facebook Commerce. [...]

Interview With Samir Palnitkar, President at ShopSocially [Video]

I met Samir Palnitkar, President at ShopSocially in his Pune office some time back to talk about their venture which deals in the space of Social Commerce. Just to give a brief, ShopSocially is a venture started by Samir and his friend Jai Rawat. It is in [...]

Will Indian Ecommerce Shift To Social Commerce?

Before you read ahead, I want to inform you that  I am not an ecommerce expert nor can I predict whether it is the next bubble. For that we have many experts in India. I am a person who would prefer that one day everything should be digital in India. I [...]

Preetham Venkky Shares His Thoughts On #AdtechIn

People who attended Adtech India must be still taking time to come out of it. Since I couldn’t make it to the event, I thought of getting a first hand review from someone who has attended the event and has also been there last year. Preetham Venkky was [...]