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Kerala State AIDS Control Society (KSACS) Joins Facebook

Kerala State AIDS Control Society that plays a vital role in the state’s strategy for combating HIV/AIDS epidemic has decided to create awareness via social media, as reported by TOI. This year has seen a proliferation in government agencies [...]

Student Starts ‘Our World Our Initiative’ On Facebook For Helping The Needy

Internet and social media have empowered millions across the globe. The virtual freedom and access to information and resources within seconds is a powerful combination in the hands of the common man. He can start movements that shake governments or [...]

Social Media Campaigns To Free Sarabjit Singh

Sarabjit Singh, an Indian citizen has been in solitary confinement in Pakistan for the last 22 years. Sarabjit who claims to be a poor farmer has been declared as a terrorist by the Pakistani authorities. The authorities consider him as Manjit Singh [...]

AIIMS Planning To Look For Organ Donors Via Facebook

Along with all the criticism piling against Facebook, one can’t disagree that it has also been used effectively for social causes and the latest news that AIIMS is considering to use it for is encouraging. According to the Times Of India, the country’s [...]

Will You Stand Up For Ansh Agarwal?

‘Ansh was only 16’; ‘Anger is no reason to Kill’ was one of the messages that was displayed on a placard in a peace march organized by the near and dear ones of Ansh Agrawal.  The rally that took place in Mumbai and Delhi was to seek justice and to [...]

7 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading

What a week it has been - Facebook acquiring Instagram for $1 Billion, LinkedIn introducing it’s most exciting feature of generating targeted content, Google Plus revamping it’s look! Back home in India, articles have been pouring in from the India [...]