Rajputana Custom Motorcycles Is Driving 50% Business Via Facebook

If you are a biker or are crazy about custom bikes then you must have heard of Rajputana Custom Motorcycles, also known as Rajputana Customs. I happened to land up on their Facebook page while searching for exciting stories. The Facebook page packed with [...]

How Social Media Is Helping A Guitarist And A Photographer

Social Media has given wings to many dreams. If the other day, a 9 year old guy made news over the internet, then the stories of Auditya Venkatesh and Naveen Thomas Joseph need to be told too, as they are equally inspiring. Stories of how both of them [...]

Why is Facebook Partnering With FICCI To Help Indian SMEs?

After Google, now it’s Facebook’s turn to target the small and medium scale businesses in India. In a recent development as reported by The Financial Express, Facebook and Federation Of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) have [...]

How Consumyze Is Helping SME’s In Pune

One of the plus points of being an entrepreneur is that meetings are no longer inside closed doors but in a café or restaurant. However mine was more of a meeting with the Founders of Consumyze - Atul Shah and Tarun Mehta, both of whom I had met in the [...]

What SMEs Can Learn From Horn OK Please?

Horn Ok Please, a community of more than 30,000 fans has been organically built with sheer hard work by the author Kartik Hopper Iyengar himself. I was first introduced to his community when his first book Horn Ok Please-Hopping to Conclusions was out on [...]

Social Media Tips For SME in 2012 From Experts

Over the last year, the one thought that kept on revolving in my mind was that social media could be a game changer for SMEs. Whenever I found a chance to interact with SMEs, I have advised them with my learnings. Now that we are entering a new year which [...]