Facebook App Center [Review]

Facebook has finally launched its much-awaited Facebook App Center. Recently I had shared that Facebook that has been strengthening its mobile strategy 2012 onwards, had been working on this in the similar lines like Google and Apple. So lets check out [...]

Google Plus Introduces Local, But Is It Cool?

Google Plus is back in the news for a new feature update on it’s social network Google Plus. As reported by Mashable, Google Plus has rolled out the new feature called “Local” that provides you with all the information that you require about a certain [...]

6 Inspiring Facebook Crowdsourced Campaigns

Crowdsourcing has been the preferred choice these days for Indian brand managers when it comes to designing Facebook campaigns for obvious reasons(1). 2012 has seen quite a few such campaigns we had the opportunity to review. As we are approaching [...]

6 Inspiring Social Media Campaigns

Reviewing social media campaigns is always a challenge but then curating them is also not an easy task. Since we are reaching mid year, we thought of presenting you the best social media campaigns that we had the opportunity to review. The 6 Indian Social [...]

10 Inspiring Facebook Campaigns

It’s nearly mid year. In the last five months, social media has evolved globally and India has shown some massive growth specially on Facebook. With India ranking third in total number of users using Facebook, brands have been bullish about the [...]

Why Linkedin App For iPad Might Be The Greatest App Ever

Article reproduced from Amit Goel’s blog [<a href="" target="_blank">View the story "Why Linkedin app for iPad might be the greatest [...]