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LinkedIn Profile: 6 Common Mistakes Professionals Make

This article was originally posted at LinkedIn is the most popular network amongst professionals. However, we do keep doing some common mistakes on our LinkedIn profile and then blame it on the network. This article discusses six common mistakes [...]

LinkedIn Follow Button – What and Why?

With a strong base of 150 million users around the globe and more than 10 million people following it in India, LinkedIn is indisputably one of the leaders in the professional network. To make its growth stronger and to bolster it’s marketing arms, [...]

How Can Students Build Their Professional Network On LinkedIn?

All these years LinkedIn has been touted as a network for working professionals. Though I think college students who would be launching themselves soon in the market should give it a serious try too. LinkedIn is not only about finding jobs but it is also [...]

How Skills And Expertise In LinkedIn Can Help You?

LinkedIn is constantly upgrading its network with regular enhancements and ‘Skills & Expertise’ is one of them. Everyone has some skills like blogging, wordpress design or wildlife photography. Whatever be the skills, it differentiates you [...]

Why SMEs Should Use LinkedIn Polls For Their Brands?

LinkedIn Polls, are like free beers after the happy hours for SMEs in terms of information about brands/products owned by them. Imagine a situation where you do a poll in the offline world. Apart from the cost, there are innumerable headaches that one has [...]

Recommendations Make Your Profile Creditable

WHICH ONE TO RECOMMEND? Recommendation is a certificate of proof that makes your social media profile creditable. Years ago Orkut started the same thing where one had to write testimonials about their friend. The idea was funny but it gave a chance to [...]