LinkedIn Has A New Look [Review]

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network has rolled out a new look for its home page, which definitely makes it a lot better and cleaner in looks. LinkedIn, a home for more than 160 million professional users has gone for a major redesign after [...]

How Only LinkedIn Benefits From The Breakup With Twitter

Back in 2009, when Twitter was still evolving as a platform for real-time information sharing, it also led to a spree of associations with other networks. And one such partnership was formed between Twitter and LinkedIn which allowed the ease of synching [...]

LinkedIn Stops Sharing Tweets On User Profiles

Earlier Twitter announced in a blog post that in the coming days it is going to enforce stricter guidelines with regards to the API. Michael Sippey in his post added that as always Twitter is working hard to make tools that would be easy for developers to [...]

Did LinkedIn Do Enough To Fight Back?

6th June 2012 was one of the worst days that LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network would have expected for. First the revelation that LinkedIn syncs confidential details of users who access the network via Apple devices such as iPhone and [...]

Woodland and LinkedIn Join Hands On World Environment Day

5th June, the world over is celebrated as World Environment Day. Occasions like this are always fruitful for marketers to engage innovatively with customers. Starting from today, Woodland in collaboration with LinkedIn is doing the same with “Step [...]

SlideIn Or ShareLink Or What? Thoughts On LinkedIn’s Acquisition Of Slideshare

Linkedin Acquires Slideshare Yet another morning, and yet another piece of M&A news. Twitter informed me early today morning, that professional networking platform, Linkedin had acquired the professional content sharing platform, Slideshare for a [...]