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United By Branding, Divided By Social Media [Guest Article]

Time for brands to be more social This is a guest article by Annkur P Agarwal. While my neighbor who has little interest in Twitter, comes back once in a while to abuse his broadband service provided, I can’t help but notice the fragmented culture [...]

8 Missing Links In Pinterest

If 2012 is going to go down the history books as the Facebook year then it would also be remembered as the year of Pinterest. Although Pinterest has been around since 2010, it only came into limelight from last year. One of the few reasons being the [...]

Can SME’s Ignore Conversations On Twitter?

I am of the belief that social media is and will be a game changer for SME’s or local businesses located anywhere in this world. However, for this we need to use the platform of 140 characters effectively. The net is overloaded with ‘how to’ [...]

5 Latest Changes To Your Facebook Brand Page

Facebook is punching its social network with big surprises with every passing day post IPO. The recent changes that have been made are associated to the Facebook brand pages. So to make the life of a Facebook page admin easy, I thought of listing the [...]

Why General Motors Pulled Out Facebook Ads?

Story 1: Days before Facebook’s IPO, General Motors made a sensational disclosure in the media that it is pulling its ads from Facebook since it found them “ineffective” as reported by Wall Street Journal. A sensational movie plot as Facebook was betting [...]

What Not To Expect From Social Media

Expectations should be set right for every single thing and the same holds true for social media. Recently, at a conference where I was invited as a speaker to talk about social media marketing good practices in front of a bunch of people who had local [...]