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Samsung Impresses With Shot Story

A = I love stories. B = I love pictures. A + B = Samsung Galaxy Shot Story Campaign. I have never been good at maths (except the one time I got 99/100 in my seventh standard), but am pretty sure I got the above “equation” right. For all the [...]

How Nokia India Is Building A Community On Social Media

The emergence of smartphones has changed the geography and history of how we utilize phones in this country. A once expensive Nokia Camera Phone priced around 20K is extinct and replaced by high end Android based models. Although Nokia has been a late [...]

Internet Explorer 10 Arrives With RoadiesXplorer

The Browser you loved to hate is speaking out loud and how. With the launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft in Mid October, there was also a new version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer India started promoting the new version of the Browser on all the [...]

How Are Indian Software Giants Faring On Social Media [Guest Post]

This is a guest post by Omkar Mishra(1), where he compares 5 major Software giants along with few others on their performance on social media. According to Gartner’s study, the Top 5 IT Companies have had 23.8% growth in 2011 and have reaped in great [...]

Wipro Engages Fans With Online Marathon Contest

In a bid to boost its Facebook community and promote its association with the Blackmores Sydney Running festival, Wipro Technologies has launched an online marathon for its fans with exciting prizes to be won. As a major sponsor of the Blackmores Sydney [...]

Intel’s Ultrabook Race: Ultra Innovative On Social Media

The Ultrabook Race by Intel is a game of 4 Challengers fighting across 2 countries for $10,000 of prize money, armed with an Ultrabook and their social network. How far can one go with just their social network, passport and an Ultrabook? Intel offers [...]