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Identifying The Business Objectives Behind The Social Media Activity

This is a guest post from Neil Sequeira, Founder of BuzzFactory.  Behind every social media campaign or outreach effort for a brand, there is a “business end” or business objective that is the ultimate purpose for any campaign. At least there should be if [...]

How Not To Lose Your Facebook Fans

This is a guest post by Neil Sequeira, Founder of Just yesterday I blocked updates from a Facebook page I liked a month or two ago because it flooded my feed with updates one after the other. It’s not the first time I’ve “un-liked” a page [...]

How LinkedIn Groups Helped My Blog?

As a blogger, I am sure that generating regular content is not the only challenge you would be facing. Sharing and making people aware of your content would be another mighty challenge. This applies for all kinds and all levels of bloggers. When I started [...]

How To Promote Your New Blog?

A blog is like a crop that takes time to grow and if nurtured well reaps a good harvest. Alas! Only very few have the patience to take it further. I had shared the same thought in a conference with a group of financial experts recently. In the discussion, [...]

How To Create Regular Content For Your Blog?

Since I can safely presume that you are convinced about the need for blogging and how it will benefit your business, it would be a good thing to probably learn the nitty-gritty’s of blogging. But just in case you are not, a quick glance through this post [...]

Why Are You Scared Of Blogging?

Every day my work gives me an opportunity to interact with a lot of people who are either believers of social media or are not aware of the power of social media but have heard about Facebook. Recently, I had a lengthy chat with few SME’s and brands that [...]