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Checklist For Running A Successful Facebook Contest

I may not be aware of all the back and forth that happens between the client and agency before, during and after a campaign, but what I do know is that I am a consumer at the end of the day and as a consumer what does not appeal to [...]

Cadbury Bournville Still Ignoring Facebook Guidelines

July 20, 2022 will see the legend of Christopher Nolan’s master series end with the release of the last part in theaters. The epic series of Batman trilogy comes to an end with the last part “Dark Knight Rises” and to promote this the Hollywood [...]

Vh1 India Hits 1 Million Fans: Celebrates With Fansgiving Contests

Gaining a million fans on Facebook, either earned or paid by applying a lot of push and pull techniques, and then building buzz around this achievement with contests and loads of goodies, seems to be a tried and tested Facebook formula, that every brand [...]

5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading

Believe me curating articles is the toughest job on a weekend! I have tried my best though to get you some of the interesting articles or blog posts that I have come across. 1. Anti-Social Networking : An interesting article and one of my favorite for the [...]

Facebook Issues Cover Page Guidelines

It’s been close to 15 days since Facebook announced about its timeline feature for brands and the cool features it launched along with it. By now many Indian brands have adopted the new timeline but there are loads of brands that are still waiting to [...]

Ford Figo ‘B’Day 2 Remember’ Fails To Impress

Ford Figo, which is competing in India’s most important small car market segment, is celebrating it’s second birthday this entire March with it’s fans. The celebrations can be seen on the Ford Figo’s website and social media too. Ford, which has a [...]