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5 Latest Changes To Your Facebook Brand Page

Facebook is punching its social network with big surprises with every passing day post IPO. The recent changes that have been made are associated to the Facebook brand pages. So to make the life of a Facebook page admin easy, I thought of listing the [...]

39 Stunning & Creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Timeline has been compulsory for all brands for 10 days now and love it or hate it, it’s something we’ve all got to work with. Some brands have thrown up random photos for the cover image while others have taken a more thoughtful approach. We’ve checked [...]

5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading

Last week was the week for Facebook for it’s latest changes in brand pages and for introducing other features into its product. With others I too blogged about the changes and how the Indian brands are adopting it. Apart from that, I also came across some [...]

How Have Indian Brands Adopted The New Facebook Brand Page?

Another article on Facebook brand pages!  So now you must be aware that I am in awe of the Facebook brand page with timeline. There are some amazing things that I had shared recently about the new Facebook brand pages but along with that don’t you think [...]

7 Things Missing From Facebook Brand Pages

Facebook is certainly going to shine all over the online media due to its recent update of brand pages with timeline. I too wrote a story about this earlier  in the day where I have shared my thoughts on some of the cool upgrades that Facebook has done. [...]

5 Cool Things About The New Facebook Brand Timeline Pages

Facebook definitely used 29th February, 2012 - the one extra day this leap year in a way that was expected and rumored too. By now you must be aware that the new Facebook brand pages, quite similar to your personal profiles are out there waiting for [...]