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PETA India’s Facebook Ad Leads To Outdated Contest

Recently, I came across an ad on Facebook by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) India, that said to see a new PETA ad by Bollywood actress Dia Mirza. When I clicked on the ad, I was taken to an article in the PETA India website featuring a [...]

Budweiser India The Big Time Fails Big Time

Recently, I saw a Facebook ad by Budweiser India. With text like ‘grab some buds and celebrate friendship’, I had to click it. I was taken to a tab called ‘Welcome to The Big Time’ with a ‘Watch Now’ button. When I clicked on watch now, I was taken to [...]

Candid Talks With Preetham Venkky On Social Media

Preetham Venkky Preetham Venkky, is a person who has influenced me with his immense knowledge on social media. Remember the big news when one morning Cadbury’s Bournville, Pizza Hut India, etc. woke up to find their Facebook page was missing. Reason being [...]