Facebook Rewards Hyderabad Youngsters For Finding Bugs

Facebook rewards two Hyderabad friends Rishal Dwivedi and Harsha Vardhan Boppana with White Hats and Bounty Program for reporting 2 bugs in it’s code. Working as a Business Analyst in IT, I understood one thing very early in my career that reporting [...]

Branding Events, A New Source Of Revenue For Social Networks

Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter have evolved from just being social media platforms. They are now providing different ways for brands to engage with their fans. Facebook had been severely criticized after it’s IPO for it’s failure to generate [...]

Facebook Allows You To Edit Comments But Not Completely

One of the most annoying features of Facebook has been upgraded now. From now onwards, you don’t need to worry or bang your head when you spelt something wrong while replying to one of your status messages on Facebook. I have regretted a lot of times when [...]

Why Did Facebook Acquire Face.com?

Over the last few months, Face.com, the Israel based startup had been in news for it’s cool application that recognizes people’s faces in digital images in desktop and mobile and the rumor that it could be the next to be acquired by Facebook, has finally [...]

Explore London Olympics 2012 On Facebook

When the biggest athletic sporting event associates with the biggest social networking site then you are bound to see some fireworks. Facebook’s association with London Olympics is not only a great move for users but might bring a smile on the face of [...]

Region Specific Pages Being Tested By Facebook

Facebook seems to be all over the media for all the good and bad reasons. Since the IPO, the social network giant has been constantly upgrading with much required features. The latest upgrade that is being tested out is creating region specific pages. As [...]