Will Indian Ecommerce Shift To Social Commerce?

Before you read ahead, I want to inform you that  I am not an ecommerce expert nor can I predict whether it is the next bubble. For that we have many experts in India. I am a person who would prefer that one day everything should be digital in India. I [...]

How Indian Ecommerce Should Use Pinterest?

Some time back people were getting crazy to get their hands dirty on Google Plus, today they do it on Pinterest, an online pinboard. It is a fast world when it comes to social networks these days. Apart from that, you also see loads of media coverage and [...]

Is E-commerce In India Getting Bigger?

E-commerce is one business that has gained a lot of momentum in India. Of the many brands that are looking to grab a piece of this lucrative business, BigAdda is one of the more notable. Don’t you think so or are you skeptic? To read more click on [...]

Have You Booked Your Deal With Rediff Deal?

Deals or discounts on products is liked by everybody offline or online. Coincidentally, Facebook and Rediff launched their deal sites at the same time. Though Facebook with a 500+ user connection has a huge prospect globally for deals but even Rediff deal [...]