Bhavna From An Indian Summer Shares Her Blogging Story

Today we bring you yet another successful blogger story of Bhavna, a corporate consultant cum design blogger for the past four years.  While browsing through the list of regular bloggers at Indiblogger, I happened to stumble upon this particular blog [...]

Deeba Rajpal From PassionateAboutBaking Talks About Blogging

We are both avid bloggers and often find it challenging to come up with fresh, good quality content for our readers, come rain or sunshine. But the content creation process as it is, helps us evolve further in our research towards better blogging and [...]

Eight Deadly Sins That Decrease Comments On Blog

A blog is an integral part of a blogger. The posts wrapped in his blood and sweat catch the limelight when readers appreciate them. Comments on blogs give a clear indication that the posts are striking well with the community. However, small mistakes or [...]

Ten Factors That Will Help Your Blog Grow

Bloggers love two things, one is their digital asset i.e. their blog and the other is when their posts are appreciated by readers. A reader feels great when her time has been well invested by reading quality posts. The feeling has to be mutual for a blog [...]

Six Simple Steps To Brand Your Blog

Why do I name Chris Brogan, Pro Blogger, Copy Blogger, PennOslon etc. when someone asks me to name my favorite blogs? It’s not only the content but it’s also about branding your blog. From name to design to content, these smart people have branded their [...]

How To Handle Negative Comments On Your Blog

I am a blogger, I write for a community and I am very passionate about it like all bloggers. We give our day and night; we keep on writing day after day, check the Google analytics and frown at it. With all this, one comment on our blog makes our [...]