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Interview With Anamika Sharma, Blogger, Madcookingfusions [Video]

A perfect blog post looks appealing after it is posted. But to make it a perfect one involves a lot of hard work in the back ground like any other creative work. And when it addresses a niche audience, it has more challenges. However, Anamika Sharma, my [...]

Interview With Arun Prabhudesai, Founder, [Video]

Arun Prabhudesai needs no introduction in the Indian blogging and startup world. His business blog - is rated as one of the best business blogs in India. In addition, he has been associated with startups and these days he is also busy with [...]

Insights From 2012 Indian Bloggers’ Mindset Survey

20:20 MSL and Blogathon India recently released Bloggers’ Mindset Survey according to India Digital Review. Being a blogger, the inquisitiveness to find out what my fellow bloggers think, led me to explore it. So here is a quick snapshot of the report. [...]

“Provide Value To Your Readers”, Says Blogger Manish Chauhan Of Jago Investor

Jago Investor is a financial planning and personal finance blog teaching stuff about money and how to manage your investments. Here, we bring you views from Founder and blogger, Manish Chauhan in which he shares his blogging journey and what keeps him [...]

7 Inspiring Indian Blogging Campaigns

2012 has been an exciting year for us since we are watching the Indian social media space evolve from last year to implement exciting social media campaigns. This is really good for the industry and the people who are betting high on social media. Some [...]

How Different Is A Blog From A Website?

Blogs are often mistaken for websites. While websites are all good and necessary, they are quite passé too. While you can hide behind a static prehistoric website for years at a stretch, you cannot do so in your blog; you have to be real and you got to [...]