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Startups Should Use Social Media To Help Others, Says Ashish Sinha Of is a site that has been nurturing Indian startups and entrepreneurship for more than 5 years now. A one point destination for Indian tech news and the go to site for startups and entrepreneurs, it also earned the title of “Techcrunch of [...]

This Dog With The Blog Helps Find Loving Homes For His Stray Friends

Abhishek Joshi of ‘Dog with the blog’ fame shares the story behind the blog and how a set of patient readers (read dog lovers) made this long journey possible. While most of us may be fortunate enough to have known about this one-of-a-kind dog with the [...]

“Provide Value To Your Readers”, Says Blogger Manish Chauhan Of Jago Investor

Jago Investor is a financial planning and personal finance blog teaching stuff about money and how to manage your investments. Here, we bring you views from Founder and blogger, Manish Chauhan in which he shares his blogging journey and what keeps him [...]

13 Indian Cooking Blogs That Are Using Social Media Effectively

A curated list of India’s best cook bloggers who are undoubtedly impressive as bloggers but are also using social media effectively. I have a weakness for food. I start drooling when I see non-vegeterian food and delicious desserts. This crave for [...]