Kuliza Is Hiring A Social Media Marketing Manager

Kuliza, a social technology firm is on a hunt to hire a Social Media Marketing Manager for their Bangalore location. Kuliza that boasts about being a different company in relation to the kind of work they do so the job would be more initiative driven [...]

Candid Talks With Preetham Venkky On Social Media

Preetham Venkky Preetham Venkky, is a person who has influenced me with his immense knowledge on social media. Remember the big news when one morning Cadbury’s Bournville, Pizza Hut India, etc. woke up to find their Facebook page was missing. Reason being [...]

De-Mystifying Enterprise 2.0 At #NASSCOMPC

The word social is very cool when it is outside the office premises. For ages, we have used the boring intranet and prehistoric chat messenger as the means of communication at work. However, times are changing and companies also need to be social. But the [...]

Stefan Kolle: Don’t Try This At Home, At #SocialIndia

Travelling 20 kilometers in an autorikshaw so early in the morning in Bangalore at this point of the year is not what one would like to do on a weekend at least. But I did with lots of others as we were heading to Akshaya Patra’s two day Social [...]

How To Bridge The Startup-Media Gap, Discussion At #NASSCOMPC

As an entrepreneur my startup is always dear to me and I also want to tell the world the same but often it is not what I planned. With most of my time invested in the product betterment and fixation I rush to a PR to pitch my story. The [...]

The Indian’s From The Valley All the Way At #NASSCOMPC

The show of the first half of the first day at #NASSCOMPC was stolen by the Indian’s from the Valley that had come down exclusively for this event. The room was full packed and it was not less than any other page-3 evening party with music flowing, men [...]